A new online bottle shop has launched in the ACT,

Waxtop will be offering same-day-delivery on a unique variety of wines, ranging from funky lo-fi’s, local classics, and international big dogs, handpicked, and without the pretentiousness. 

Waxtop uses wine characteristics to create a filtering system focused on providing an experience similar to heading out to your favourite bar to educate customers on the textural flavours of the wines, helping to provide an element of discovery during the buying process. The online bottle shop will also be introducing 3-dimensional bottles that emulate the feeling of picking up and spinning a bottle in your hand as if you were in your local bottle shop.


Waxtop founders Canberra locals, Sean Baker and Nick Woods, say the array of wine selections are curated from personal experience, not from labels. 

‘Waxtop is all about top drops, top winemakers, and top quality wines.’ Sean says. ‘We care about the stories and practise behind the wines and work with producers who are dedicated to their craft.’

‘We’ve curated our inventory based on personal experience with each brand, varietal and favour profile. No matter who you are with, the occasion, or location, your wine experience will be top tier.’

Waxtop will be offering new drops every fortnight, as well as releasing curated wine packs each month,  selected with consideration for the type of experience customers might be having at that time of year.

‘In the age of COVID-19, we’ve seen how important it is to have access to life’s pleasures from the comfort of our own homes,’ says Nick. ‘In a time when we can’t physically visit wineries, or travel and taste international wines where they’re made, Waxtop is here to make that experience local, delivered right to your doorstep.’ 

Waxtop offers free same-day-delivery available in the ACT for orders placed before 3 pm. Orders can be made at waxtop.wine.