Situated in the modern, stunning Department of Finance on 1 Canberra Avenue, 1 on One Espresso is a wonderfully vibrant addition to Canberra’s dining scene. Unless you’re a Barton office worker, you may not have heard about this hidden gem, and for those who haven’t had the pleasure of tasting the food at 1 On One yet, make it a must-do for summer immediately!

The cafe’s produce is sourced locally wherever possible, and the owners are strong believers in supporting the ‘little guys’. The 1 On One menu has incredible flair and a certain brightness to it, taking inspiration from several different cultures, including Greek, Vietnamese and Moroccan. It’s fresh and healthy with a few sweet treats here and there to tempt you.

To start the Arancini Balls with roast pumpkin, spinach, feta and Moroccan aioli tantalised our taste buds for the feast that was the come. Crunchy on the outside and lovely and soft on the inside, with every bite the golden bundles of goodness oozed with a subtle cheesy flavour that married all the ingredients together.

The Calamari Salad is the chef’s personal favourite. Accompanied by bean shoots, Asian herbs, carrot, wombok, mandarin, caramelised mirin star anise dressing and crushed peanuts, the dish features a seamless blend of Asian influences. At first bite, we couldn’t help but agree with the chef that this dish is the star of the menu. The dressing added a lovely citrusy twist to a rather conventional dish, which whisked us straight to the aromatic streets of Asia.

The Crisp Pork Belly with master stock, caramel and toasted sesame is everything you hope for when ordering pork belly. Exploding with flavour, the soft and tender pork has just the perfect balance of delicate flesh and crispy skin which leaves you wanting more. Served with sweet, tangy pomegranate, tomato relish and rocket, the dish has a lovely freshness that lightens and balances out the rich flavours of the pork and sticky caramel.

The Lemon and Mixed Berry Pancakes take the cake for being the most Insta-worthy dish in Canberra. Served with toasted muesli, ice-cream, a drizzle of berry compote and a green tea waffle cone on top, the dish is sure to have you mopping up your plate. If you’re a sweet tooth like me, you’ll love this completely over-the-top dessert and any excuse to have sweets for breakfast right!? So wear loose pants and bring a camera and a friend to help you finish it off!

The Cauliflower, Broccoli and Haloumi Fritters are a favourite among the Barton office workers. Served with harissa salsa, cumin yoghurt and herb salad, the Moroccan influences are strong in this flavoursome dish. The impeccable recipe took months to accomplish, with each batch being tweaked to perfection.

Take our word for it when we say that 1 On One is worth the trip. It’s the ideal place to go for a relaxed weekday lunch, or just to pop in for a quick coffee to go – either way, make it your mission to try every dish on the menu.

Open Monday to Friday, from 7am to 4pm