Llewelyn Hall will host a collaboration of two outstanding wind ensembles later this month, with the USA’s St. Olaf Band taking the stage, supported by the Canberra Wind Symphony.

The St. Olaf Band, made up of 90+ musicians, is one of the most distinguished wind ensembles to come out of America, and will be performing in Canberra as part of their Australia/NZ summer tour. The tour will see the band collaborate with some of Australia’s most prominent wind ensembles, including our very own Canberra Wind Symphony.

The performance will feature a diverse selection of mostly American compositions, with an emphasis on the 100th anniversary of the birth of Leonard Bernstein, as well as music from John Williams and some classic pieces.

The band’s conductor, Dr. Timothy Mahr, will also present his own award-winning composition, The Soaring Hawk.

Appearing before the St. Olaf Band, the Canberra Wind Symphony will be playing pieces written by a selection of living composers, including The Fly by Oscar Navarro, An Australian Rhapsody by Ralph Hultgren and Equus by Eric Whitacre.

The Canberra Wind Symphony will also be playing renditions of some classic wind ensemble pieces, such as Ye Banks and Braes o’ Bonnnie Doon and Hoe Down.

This special concert will be the Canberra Wind Symphony’s first performance at Llewellyn Hall, as well as their first with an international touring band.

Geoff Grey, who conducts the Canberra Wind Symphony, is excited about the collaboration with the St. Olaf Band.

“Think of our performances like an air-show: bask in the majesty of the breadth and depth of the ensemble, feel the thrills as it effortlessly glides to new heights, negotiating breathtaking acrobatics before an edge-of-your-seat landing,” Geoff said.

“The wind ensemble is where new music is at.”

The St. Olaf Band and Canberra Wind Symphony concert will kick off at 2:30pm on Friday January 26. Tickets to this fantastic performance are free, with registration via Eventbrite, here: http://www.canberrawindsymphony.com.au/tickets/.