Almost everyone nowadays is addicted to coffee, myself included. Sometimes it is the only thing that gets us through those painful Monday mornings. As a self-proclaimed coffee addict, I venture to coffee shops frequently in hunt of Canberra’s finest coffee, and I’ve got a list of the best local spots to try.

38 Espresso

Located by the Kingston foreshore, 38 Espresso has great food and amazing coffee to enjoy by the water. What makes their coffee so great is the beans they use and the passion the baristas have for the coffee itself. Each cup of coffee is smooth, delicate, enjoyable and easy to drink. 38 is a popular spot for people coming to relax by the water, and especially popular for people who have just finished a walk around the lake.

ONA Coffee House Café

As one of the most renowned coffee spots in Canberra, ONA coffee house café is one of the most popular coffee spots in Canberra and always flat out with people. Their amazing coffee is always accompanied by beautiful seasonal menus, in a cosy coffee house that’s perfect for brunch. Their passion for coffee shows through every cup with the gentle aroma and soothing taste.

Suppeto Collective

This fairly new café located in Jerrabomberra has taken off quickly due to their fantastic coffee and overall menu. A relaxed atmosphere and great community, Suppeto Collective is one of the best new spots to get coffee. With a rich flavour and subtle burnt aroma, this coffee can easily be enjoyed in the relaxed environment that Suppeto Collective provides. If you’re looking for a coffee spot that’s more than just great coffee, this community-oriented café will give you a warm, cosy feeling.

Lindt Chocolate Shop

This may appear as just a chocolate shop, but I recently discovered the coffees at Lindt and I’m addicted. If you’re looking for an easy take away coffee with a twist of something sweet, look no further than the Lindt Chocolate Shop in the Canberra Outlet Centre. They produce a wide variety of enticing sweet and savoury flavours, some favourites of mine including dark chocolate and hazelnut. They cater to every sweet tooth with their large variety of coffee and chocolate too.

Café Cherry Beans

Already well known and popular amongst shoppers, Café Cherry Beans makes fantastic coffee with exceptional food perfect for any time of the day. This café is located all across Canberra, but each spot is snug and special in its own way. The menu has a wide range of coffees and drinks in general, special to the café itself. The intimate experience Café Cherry Beans provides works well with their smooth, earthy coffees.