We reckon breakfast is probably one of the best meals to eat in the whole wide world… so here are 16 breakies you really should have eaten if you live in Canberra, but if you haven’t, we’ve also included where you can go get them… now!

1. Huevos Divorciados from The Cupping Room.
As well as being great at winning Movember competitions, Mexicans also do a mean breakfast. This dish of ‘divorced eggs’ comes with two types of salsa, sour cream, pickled jalapenos and charred peppers on sourdough – and it might just be your ticket to respectable facial hair.

2. Trevs Taste Collective from [email protected]
Can’t decide what to order? This clever seasonal breakfast platter will solve that for you – it has something savoury, a sweet treat, a fruit salad, and a fresh-pressed juice. The only decision you’ll need to make is whether to upload a picture of it to Facebook or Instagram first…

3. Breakfast Fritters from Ricardo’s.
Ricardo’s cake cabinet is always choc-full of cronuts, macarons, slices and other pastries, making it easy to forget that they also do a great range of savoury meals (or indeed, that savoury food even exists). For a wholesome, tasty breakfast, try their zucchini, corn and haloumi fritters with poached eggs, beetroot hummus and roasted corn salsa.

4. Hash Brown Smoked Trout Sandwich from Lazy May’s.
It’s hard to think of a situation that can’t be improved by hash browns, which is why this Hash Brown Smoked Trout Sandwich is a winner for any day of the week. As its name suggests, it features smoked trout that’s sandwiched by a couple of house-made herbed hash browns, all topped with a poached egg and dollop of crème fraiche.

5. Green Pea Pancake from Local Press Café.
Arguably Canberra’s most Instagrammable breakfast, this green pea pancake has become a staple menu item for the guys at Local Press. Topped with grilled corn, poached eggs, feta and a balsamic reduction, it tastes every bit as good as it looks. Pair it with one of their cold-pressed juices for a perfect start to the day.

6. Foxed Waffles from Fox & Bow.
Sometimes you don’t want eggs for breakfast. Sometimes you want ice cream instead. For those days, say hello to the Foxed Waffles, served with chocolate gelato, strawberries, butterscotch sauce and salted peanut brittle. Unless you’re having breakfast with your parents, in which case you should just order some eggs and chew with your mouth closed.

7. Quinoa-Salmon 2.0 from Eighty/Twenty.
Start the day off right with this protein-packed salad of quinoa, chickpeas, cherry tomatoes, feta, poached egg and flaked salmon – it’ll keep you full for longer and stop you from dipping into that evil box of fundraising chocolates at work.

8. Big Breakfast from Sweet Bones.
This ain’t your regular big breakfast – but it’s just as delicious and won’t have you feeling like you just ate a whole wheel of cheese. This vegan interpretation comes with coconut bacon (be warned – it’s addictive) and a tofu scramble, served with Sonoma sourdough, avocado, tomato and hummus.

9. Space Benedict from Space Kitchen.
It’s only been open for a couple of months, but Space Kitchen is already becoming one of Canberra’s favourite breakfast spots. Don’t miss their signature Space Benedict – it features a pulled pork croquette (made to look like a Golden Gaytime) with poached eggs, beetroot hollandaise, and a pork crackling brioche crumb.

10. Smashed Avocado & Shrooms from Elk & Pea.
Simple dishes are often the best, as is the case with this dish of smashed avocado, thyme-buttered mushrooms, marinated feta and poached egg on sourdough. If you don’t have any plans for the rest of the morning, you might also be tempted by one of Elk & Pea’s breakfast cocktails…

11. Breakfast Degustation from Pod Food.
The famous Breakfast Degustation from Pod Food is perfect for a special breakfast outing. $40 gets you 4 courses from the breakfast menu, which might include dishes like a salmon gravlax omelette, ricotta pancakes, kimchi pork hock, and a ploughman’s-style platter, all using the freshest ingredients from the weekend markets.

12. Jaffa Crepes from Penny University.
Chocolate for breakfast? Why not – it’s got antioxidants in it, right? If you like that kind of logic, then you’ll love these chocolate crepes filled with orange-whipped ricotta, served with house made raspberry sherbet marshmallows, Jaffa sauce & raspberry sorbet.

13. Summer Fruit Bircher from Double Shot.
This summery bircher muesli is packed with organic chia, quinoa, nectarine, kiwi, shredded coconut, dried pineapple and a drizzle of agave – it’s fresh, healthy and pretty much all you’ll want to eat when it’s already 30 degrees by 9am. While you’re at Double Shot, stay hydrated with one of their delicious almond milk smoothies.

14. French Toast from The Drawing Room.
Even if you prefer your French toast to be on the savoury side, this version from The Drawing Room is sure to get your attention. It’s filled with a citrus ricotta and currants, and topped with seasonal berries, honeycomb, vanilla gelato and lemon syrup.

15. Benny Hill Waffles from Smoque.
It might not be the first place you think of for breakfast, but Smoque have a great selection of American-inspired brekkies on offer, including their range of signature waffles. For a bit of soul food, look no further than the Benny Hill – waffles with fried chicken, poached free range eggs (from Gundaroo) and hollandaise sauce.

16. Egg & Bacon Roll from Ona Fyshwick.
A breakfast list wouldn’t be complete with including the classic egg & bacon roll – and the one at Ona Fyshwick is one of Canberra’s best (clearly they weren’t content with just having the world’s best barista!). It’s served on a long, crusty bun, with soft (but not too runny) eggs, lashings of bacon overhanging the sides of the roll, and a side of spicy BBQ sauce.