Its All About the Jacket

We spotted 18-year old uni student, Tilly, spending her holidays studying hard at the library. On a chilly Canberra day, Tilly opted for warmth and comfort. Dressed in all black, she said her Op Shop denim jacket is usually her go to piece in winter.

Tilly has a quality-over-quantity attitude. Being a bit of a tomboy who doesn't go shopping often, she believes that good quality basics are key. Her black jeans are from Wrangler and her leather black shoes are from Wittner.

Her op shop jacket is the star of the outfit and is a must for everyone's wardrobe.

Colour Pops and Patterns

Autumn is a great season for trying out new trends. We are looking forward to blending shades with pops of colour and out-there patterns.

The colour of Autumn and Winter 2015 is definitely grey, followed by black and white. Staples and basics are huge with even more of a need to stock up on good quality items which can be worn everyday and layered (we love layering!) with larger in-the-moment 'trends'. Think a really great good quality pair of boots and a leather handbag.

Pops of colour and prints are always in-season - just the trendy colours and styles change each year. Neons are definitely 'so 2014' so please wear these items with extreme care. We'd suggest they should be worn only to the gym or under your outfit and once they fade it's time to say goodbye (read: put them the Vinnie's bin as soon as possible).

We love this week's Street Style because the basic cotton shirt gives the loud patterned skirt a casual feel, while the handbag and ankle boots play up the look for on-trend style points.

Sharp Style for Autumn

Tommy was pulled to the side by us on his way to afternoon drinks - his outfit being the reason why.

With Canberra’s temperatures dropping fast, Tommy opted for both style and functionality with his maroon blazer as the 'statement'. However, he has created an effortless overall look - keeping the outfit light and 'smart-casual' pairing it with a classic v-neck white tee, cream chinos and tan shoes. Very appropriate for Autumn.

It’s refreshing to find a man in Canberra who enjoys shopping and dressing sharp.

Outfit breakdown:

Blazer: Zara

T-shirt: Asos

Pants: Zara

Shoes: Aquila

Deejay - The Fashion Vault

Romantic Style

I met Carina on a particularly sleepy Sunday at the Cupping Room in Acton. I had been walking through the area with no-one in sight until I came across the buzz and overflow of people surrounding the popular cafe.

With a Masters in Cognitive Psychology, Carina moved to Canberra a year and a half ago from Switzerland for love and is now engaged. 'Romantic' definitely sums up her own story and her style.

Carina's classic button-up dress and belt were from an op-shop on Oxford Street in Sydney. Her shoes are from Birkenstock and earrings were a gift - handmade by a colleague at the Cupping Room.

Men's Style: SHAUN

The Fashion Vault style stalked the ever-stylish Shaun on his was to dinner at Akiba in the City.

He caught our eye for his polished-yet-relaxed look. Shaun has teamed a casual street style long tee with a fitted blazer and chinos - perfect for a dinner out with friends.

Shaun’s reveals his favourite online destination is Culture Kings - one that we also love - for fresh and on-trend styles.

Outfit breakdown:

Blazer: Zara

Tee-shirt: Culture kings

Pants: Zara

Shoes: Steve Madden

Watch: Marc Echo

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