3 Winter Wardrobe Staples

We all know how cold Canberra can get during Winter, but we are determined not to let our style run away with the sun this time!

Here are three Winter wardrobe staple items with bonus outfit suggestions to get your closet ready for the new season.

1. Scarves

Scarves are a fantastic accessory and an absolute wardrobe staple! They keep you warm and stylish at the same time. The options are almost endless in terms of colours, styles, fabrics and patterns.

Outfit example: Break up an all-black outfit with a printed or bright coloured scarf for a pop of colour and some fashion flair.

2. Gloves

An absolute must-have during Winter especially if you are an eco-commuters and take the bus or ride a bike to and from work. Wearing a pair of cute gloves can also give a polished look to an outfit and the Canberra frost is a little easier to handle!

Outfit example: Match your gloves to your shoes or handbag. Light brown leather gloves with a similar shade (or darker) brown boot go great paired with jeans and a cardigan for a warm weekend look.

3. Boots

So we have - Ankle boots, knee hight boots, flat boots, heel boots, brown boots, black boots, leather boots and suede boots (possibly more, but you get where we are going, right?). These shoes make it stylish to wear a pair of socks (because you can't see them!) to keep your tootsies warm and dry!

Outfit example: Throw on a pair of stylish boots over opaque black stockings, a dress and a blazer for a dressy 'girls' night out'.

The Crop Top

Whether we like it or not ladies, crop tops are back and seem like they’re here to stay!

They’ve been seriously trending for two straight Summer seasons now, and we very much doubt they’re going anywhere any time soon since this year they've injected themselves into almost every wardrobe category. From festival outfits to red-carpet ensembles and the very popular casual chic looks seen on the street.

We are predicting ALOT of crop top madness paired with fur and trench coats this Autumn Winter and rather than fight against a force that seems pretty much unstoppable, we’re here to encourage you to go with it!

Pair your crop top with a pencil skirt, revealing only an inch of skin, for a stylish and sophisticated look. Knits and warm jumpers come in crop styles which look fab with high-waisted jeans over a business shirt to cover up a bit more. This trend is so versatile it's fabulous!

Click here to see some outfit ideas for inspiration on Pinterest.

Image: Diane Kruger

7 Things to know about fashion label Romance Was Born

Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales - the eclectic designers behind Romance Was Born - met whilst studying fashion design and launched their Sydney-based label back in 2005.

Known for their extravagant runway shows, out-there designs and colourful taste, Romance Was Born, more so than any other label in Australia, draws inspiration from our national heritage, celebrating indigenous craftwork and enlisting some of the most talented artists in and around the country to being their prints to life.

Here are 7 other things to know about this Mercedes Benz Fashion Week runway regular and iconic Aussie label...

1. Fashion mavericks including Cate Blanchett, Tavi Gevinson, Nicky Minaj, Karen O, MIA, Lilly Allen and Bat for Lashes are often spotted in Romance Was Born garments.

2. Anna and Luke both attended The Fourth International Support Awards in Italy where they turned down the chance to work with John Galliano.

3. Romance Was Born stocks a total of 18 collections since 2005 and they are ALL available online for purchase.

4. The brand is stocked at over 33 retailers worldwide including; Harvey Nichols in London, Bauhaus in Hong Kong, Lula Rock in Singapore, Dual and HP France in Tokyo. In Australia, they are stocked across a range of independent directional stores such as David Jones as well as online at www.romancewasborn.com

5. Anna and Luke are NOT a couple!

6. They have designed for a number of musicians, including Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Cyndi Lauper, Debbie Harry, Lilly Allen and Architecture in Helsinki.

7. Inspiration for their shows have included Captain Planet and Freddie Kruger.

We love that Anna and Luke stayed true to their style and pursued their love of kitsch and creativity all those years ago. Gaining the attention of the fashion media at Australian Fashion Week in 2008 was a huge achievement - which is why the woman who wears Romance Was Born isn't afraid to express her individuality.

Image: Feline Dress from the Dream On 2014 collection - available from the www.romancewasborn.com e-boutique.

Style Stalker: Abirel

By Jemma Mrdak

What we adore about Canberra is it's diversity: the fact that our city is filled with people who come from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. What we also love is that this is reflected on how the people in our city dress. This week our Style Stalker, Abirel, has dressed herself head-to-toe in international designer wares, which have created the perfect outfit for Autumn.

Being super-cold this weekend meant it was only fitting that Abirel was rugged up in her cosy knit, denim jeans, scarf, and knee high boots - which were the favourite part of her outfit because they complete the entire look. They were also our favourite along with her cosy and warm floppy beanie! This outfit is simply gorgeous and perfect for the Canberra Autumn weather, don't you think?

Jumper: Sportsgirl

Jeans: Bershka (Spain)

Boots & Scarf: Zara

Beanie: Cotton On

Tote: Louis Vuitton


Trend Alert: Normcore

Normcore…heard of it?

Neither had we, until we read a recent Vogue article online and became so interested that we all went and updated our wardrobes 'normcore' (just kidding). We didn't need to, but now feel a sense of excitement that it's trendy to wear our comfy, plain clothes that actually fit.

So what is Normcore? Well it's basically a made up word for the non-trend trend that incorporates anything you would describe as being bland, plain and minimal. This original concept of normcore is based on the desire to fit in rather than stand out.

So, when you go to update your wardrobe after reading this article, think plain and tailored pieces that match and can be layered. Then add something like a statement boot in the same shade or a beanie or tote bag in a bright colour - but plain enough so that no-one feels the need to do a double-take. That's the aim right?

Science fiction writer William Gibson is thought to have first come up with the term over a decade ago to describe the look of high-end pedestrian dressing without splashes of prints and labels. More recently trend forecasting agency K-Hole used the term with the same meaning in an article for New York Magazine, therefore pushing the style directly into the spotlight. Let's face it, whatever they are doing over there, we should be doing too.

However, we urge you to ignore that Vogue has listed 'Crocs' as a key normcore item.. Crocs will never be core or norm... EVER!


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