Fashionable Farmer

The Fashion Vault spotted local farmer, Pattianne Marsh, walking through NewActon.

This stylish lady from Milton was visiting Canberra for the Tom Roberts exhibition at the National Gallery of Australia.

Pattianne's style is smart-casual with a balance of structure and flow.

For Canberrans visiting Milton, word on the street is that we have to visit a store called MultiCulture. It's Pattianne's favourite boutique to shop in and has pieces that are classic with a modern and edgy twist.

When Corporate Meets Style

It's not always easy to dress in something that reflects you and your personal style at work, especially when it comes to corporate wear.

If you have found this struggle to be real for you, take some inspiration from Sam who I met while she was having lunch before heading back to work. Sam works in the public service but has not let a basic or boring work dress code get the best of her. Quite the contrary. There are some fantastic options available out there if you are willing to look.

Classic cuts combined with bold prints and colours can really brighten up your office! Sam is a perfect example wearing a gorgeous printed box top and shoes from Zara, black skirt from Cue and accessorised with earrings from Lovisa and Labrador clutch from Singapore.

Sam says her signature style is modern vintage and staples include black and white clothes but in chic and modern styles to prepare for winter. She loves to shop at Zara, Saba and Cue.

Polished & Professional

We spotted the stylish and professional Yao Yao on her way to the office.

Yao Yao is a Communications Professional, and her dress sense is the perfect balance between being on-trend and appropriate for the corporate environment.

“When I get dressed for work I try to find the happy medium between dressing conservatively and dressing on-trend”, said Yao Yao.

“I like having fun with colour and also enjoy wearing neutrals - just like my outfit today”.

We also admired Yao Yao’s turquoise Prada bag. Her view on designer bags is that they are a wardrobe investment. The key is to look after them and buy classic styles rather than trend pieces. We concur with this style statement!

Men's Style: Well Suited

The Fashion Vault style-stalked fitness model Vivek, while judging the finals of the ASMY Swimsuit Model Competition at Tongue & Groove.

Well suited, Vivek was dressed by Simon Anau from Peter Jackson's.

"I was told you can determine someone's self-worth by the suit they wear. Although I've built a brand around the exposure of my body, a well-fitted and styled suit is what complements the person I wish to be," said Vivek.

Looking very sharp!

Timi Zipamo, Student, 20.

The Fashion Vault snapped Timi on his way through Civic. His style influences are Big Daddy Kane, Eddie Murphy and Tyson Beckford - just to name a few.

Timi is one of the few guys in Canberra to be rocking a flat top. This definitely got our attention.

When asked about fashion, Timi dresses the way he does because it increases his confidence and he loves being on trend and stylish.

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