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A few weeks ago I spotted two ladies soaking up whatever sun they could fine on a particularly chilly Canberra day. I wrote about Marah and her fabulous blue hue jacket and now here is her friend I mentioned, Tara!

Tara used black basics as a blank canvas to project her feature pieces. She rocked a denim jacket and a thick, tasseled scarf. By adding two different textures to her outfit, Tara created an effectively stylish and practical outfit without having too much going on in her look.

My personal summary of the outfit: effortlessly cool. Nice work Tara!

Jacket - ice

Scarf- cotton on

Jeans - cotton on

Shoes from tempt

Meet Tommy Tonga | #CBRDads

Tommy is a stylist and manager at fashion store Zara. He has a beautiful son, Masseiah and says the best thing bout being a Dad is 'watching my son grow'. Everyday he is learning new things and making us laugh.

The Fashion Vault snapped Tommy while he was on his lunch break from work.

Tommy says he also loves dressing his son up as his mini me. Too cute!

Outfit breakdown:

Headphones- Beats By Dre Studio.

Sunglasses- Burberry

Jacket- über stone

Blazer- ZARA suit blazer

Tee Shirt- AS tall tee Culture Kings

Pants- ZARA


Shoes- NIKE

Men's Style: Socks, or no socks?

The age-old socks or no socks debate is just as in important to the men of our world as politics, sports and food... we assume. So, here it is... the answer to socks, or no socks?

Socks: Pros & Cons

As an accessory, socks are great for their ability to pull an outfit together or make a statement. They can keep your feet warm. They keep your feet dry. Usually. On the flip side, socks can be hot in the summer months. They eventually get holes. They add an extra decision to the process of getting dressed in the morning. There is also a high probability of mismatching them and an even higher probability of losing one in the dryer.

No Socks: Pros & Cons

Going sockless is a choice made to stay cool on warmer days. It’s also a style decision. Some shoes (such as boat shoes) simply don’t seem right when worn with socks. It can also be a way for the sockless man to telegraph that he is someone who looks to the stylish gentleman of Europe for inspiration. On the negative side, not wearing socks can often lead to sweaty, smelly feet and shoes (in some cases), as well as blisters.

So, the solution?

There's one way to look like a tanned European beauty with nice ankles and some suave boat shoes - grab him no-show socks! Tto be honest, this is going to be the summer essential (for men!) to ensure we're not all being stunk out by a sea of smelly boat shoes. You can find plenty online, or from your local shopping centre.

You're welcome!

Meet Mike | #CBRDads

We bumped into Mike out in Garran, catching some fresh air at the end of a busy work day.

Mike has 3 children and a 10 week old puppy, they're who he likes to focus a lot of his time. His favourite things to do with the kids are taking them to the Belconnen pool, falling asleep on the couch at lunch while they watch TV shows and slow cooking stew through the afternoon on the ozpig.

When he isn't doing all this and being such a stylish dad - we're loving the sleek jeans and blazer combo finished off with a checked scarf - Mike manages people who make maps for a living. Nice work Dad!

Shoes: Loake shoemakers England

Pants: country road

Belt: RM Williams

Shirt: Anthony squires

Jacket: Kathmandu

Scarf: David jones

Share a picture and fun story about your Dad on Instagram and/or Twitter with us at @Out_In_Canberra and make sure you use #CBRDads for a chance to have him featured.

Feminine In Blue

Marah, like most of us, is well and truly over winter. So, it was natural that I found her sitting in the sun with her friend Tara trying to soak in as much of its warmth as possible last Wednesday at the Gungahlin Marketplace.

She was wearing a combination of blue hues and accessorised beautifully with delicate silver jewellery. She had borrowed her sister's jacket to created a very soft and feminine look. Her wavy half up half down hair style also added to her classic style.

When Marah isn't strutting her style in Gungahlin, she is studying at Canberra college and is hoping to study Law or Nursing once she graduates. Brains and beauty - you go girl!

Jacket - Oxford

Dress - Ice

Shoes - Cotton On

Jewellery - Angus and Coote

Stay tuned to see what her friend Tara was wearing...

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