A Splash of Colour in Braddon

By Jemma Mrdak

On a not-so-glorious Canberra day, the gorgeous Taylor (owner of Designer Op Shop in Braddon) was spotted outside her store looking chic and warm.

Taylor looks ever so stylish with her choice of layering and colour-blocking of accessories, and that is exactly why OutInCanberra loves what she is wearing!

Taylor has incorporated some key fashion must haves that should be in everyone’s wardrobe. The collared white shirt is a definite wardrobe staple (see Carrie Bickmore's tips here) and is perfect paired with the grey jumper. We love the layering effect of this, as well as the hint of leather on the jumper. Her black jeans and ankle boots (with a hint of skin) is what ties the look together well.

Our favourite though? The red bag! It's absolutely perfect for this outfit and is a vintage classic that adds just the right amount of colour.

Name: Taylor

Location: Braddon

White shirt: Zara

Jumper: Designer Op Shop (Country Road)

Jeans: Topshop

Boots: Bought in Melbourne

Bag: Vintage

Accessories: Juicy Couture and Mania Mania

Style Stalker: Carla

By Jemma Mrdak

Kingston Foreshore is one of Canberra’s most stylish places, definitely an area in which to be seen!

This weekend, OutInCanberra spotted the absolutely fabulous Carla in her off-duty weekend look. It is obvious that Carla knows exactly how to dress to impress as she combined designer Louis Vuitton with classic black, as well as a hit of metallic denim for a classy day out.

What we love is that fact that she has opted for a casual look with the black shirt and boots; however has paired it well with the gold metallic pants. Tying the look together ever so nicely is the classic Louis Vuitton handbag that fits in well with the dark colours of the outfit. An extra element that we love is that Carla has styled an up-'do which has made it easier for her outfit to stand out and for the pants to ultimately be the focus of the outfit.

So what’s our favourite part of Carla’s outfit? Her pants of course! They are fun, fresh and to some degree, add a pop of colour! We also can’t go past the Louis Vuitton- a timeless handbag that will forever be in fashion.

Top: Bardot

Pants: Glue Store

Boots: Wittner

Handbag: Louis Vuitton

Style Stalker: Sean

By Jemma Mrdak

Rocking the classic-casual but stylish look. OutInCanberra spotted Sean this week rugged up but still looking cool during a crisp Spring morning. Keeping his look fresh yet fun, Sean not only knows how to dress well, but also how to combine prints and colours. Its hard to find a well dressed man in this city, however there are a few diamonds in the rough and Sean with his fresh, casual look is one of them.

Sean expressed his enjoyment for wearing chinos, and mixing the look with a casual tee and shirt thrown over the top. The contrasting colours of the denim shirt and the pants work really well; when paired with basic accessories it definitely completes the look. We love the fact that he is able to turn a basic outfit into one of style - one that most Canberra men would be able to sport themselves. Sean’s favourite item was the brown leather satchel, the perfect item for those studying. However, our favourite was the distressed chinos with their contrasting black and brown print.

Canberra men: it's time to stand up and be stylish. Mixing prints, rocking chinos and slouchy shirts can easily be done without looking or feeling like you’re going OTT (over-the-top). This season get yourself a quality pair of jeans, and style them with a casual tee for that off-duty look.

Top: Zara

Chinos: RVCA

Satchel: ASOS

Shoes: Vans

Style Stalker: Gabby

By Jemma Mrdak

On a glorious spring day the gorgeous Gabby was spotted having brunch on the Kingston Foreshore, and WOW did she look stunning! Dressed in head to toe designer and high street labels, she definitely is a contender for being one of Canberra’s most fashionable women.

Gabby enjoys looking her best, and especially loves mixing designer with High Street in order to form a complete and stylish look. We love the fact that she is able to pull off the monochrome look effortlessly and can flaunt the high neck top paired with high-waisted shorts. Ballet flats with the ankle strap complement the outfit nicely as they provide an even appearance.

Now, for those Canberrans who know their fashion, you’ll easily be able to recognise what’s hanging of Gabby’s arm- a Celine Trapeze tote! This designer bag is definitely worn the right way with Gabby claiming it is hers (and OutInCanberra’s) favourite item! Paired with Hermes, Marc Jacobs and Mimco accessories this girl sure knows how to flaunt it.

Top: Maurie and Eve

Shorts: Nana for You

Bag: Celine

Shoes: Zara

Style Stalker: Nicola Finetti

This year, Canberra is lucky enough to host one of Australia’s most iconic fashion designers, Nicola Finetti, as part of our annual spring festival Floriade! Each week of Floriade 2013 is based around a different theme. ‘Future Style’ is the theme for the second week of the event, with Mr Finetti appearing alongside his designs in Floriade’s The Inspiration Hub on Saturday the 28th and Sunday the 29th of September between 12.00pm and 2.00pm educating the fashion-forward among us on Spring’s styles and trends.

Nicola is the creative mind behind his popular namesake label Nicola Finetti Clothing, which now sits alongside international labels such as Alexander McQueen and Chloe (just to name a few!).. Expect to see a lot of floral designs using bright colour, interesting shapes with an overall modernized 60s feel. Nicola’s work is fun, playful and absolutely perfect for the final warmer months of our city’s 100th birthday!

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