Style Stalker: Abirel

By Jemma Mrdak

What we adore about Canberra is it's diversity: the fact that our city is filled with people who come from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. What we also love is that this is reflected on how the people in our city dress. This week our Style Stalker, Abirel, has dressed herself head-to-toe in international designer wares, which have created the perfect outfit for Autumn.

Being super-cold this weekend meant it was only fitting that Abirel was rugged up in her cosy knit, denim jeans, scarf, and knee high boots - which were the favourite part of her outfit because they complete the entire look. They were also our favourite along with her cosy and warm floppy beanie! This outfit is simply gorgeous and perfect for the Canberra Autumn weather, don't you think?

Jumper: Sportsgirl

Jeans: Bershka (Spain)

Boots & Scarf: Zara

Beanie: Cotton On

Tote: Louis Vuitton

Trend Alert: Normcore

Normcore…heard of it?

Neither had we, until we read a recent Vogue article online and became so interested that we all went and updated our wardrobes 'normcore' (just kidding). We didn't need to, but now feel a sense of excitement that it's trendy to wear our comfy, plain clothes that actually fit.

So what is Normcore? Well it's basically a made up word for the non-trend trend that incorporates anything you would describe as being bland, plain and minimal. This original concept of normcore is based on the desire to fit in rather than stand out.

So, when you go to update your wardrobe after reading this article, think plain and tailored pieces that match and can be layered. Then add something like a statement boot in the same shade or a beanie or tote bag in a bright colour - but plain enough so that no-one feels the need to do a double-take. That's the aim right?

Science fiction writer William Gibson is thought to have first come up with the term over a decade ago to describe the look of high-end pedestrian dressing without splashes of prints and labels. More recently trend forecasting agency K-Hole used the term with the same meaning in an article for New York Magazine, therefore pushing the style directly into the spotlight. Let's face it, whatever they are doing over there, we should be doing too.

However, we urge you to ignore that Vogue has listed 'Crocs' as a key normcore item.. Crocs will never be core or norm... EVER!

Autumn/Winter 2014: Animal Print, Metallics and lots of Black.

Autumn is officially here! Get ready to become accustomed to grey and gloomy days once again. Lucky for us the fashion gods have us covered… with all the latest showings all over the world we've had a preview of the latest 'IT' trends!

We have seen lots of black, leather, metallic, warm reds and burnt oranges, leopard and other animal prints, long skirts and gorgeous capes both on the runway and being worn by the high fashion trend-setters such as magazine editors and celebrities.

The good news is that every collection soon to be stocked in stores everywhere are full of colour, innovation and are sure to keep our spirits high and our bodies warm!

Autumn/Winter 2014 collections we are loving (and you should too):

Ginger and Smart

Camilla and Marc

Jac + Jack

Sass and Bide



Dion Lee


Seed Heritage



…the list is endless! Autumn weather is a great in-between season to try out new trends!

Chic and Simple in Patterns and Prints

By Jemma Mrdak

This Autumn, a combination of prints and patterns is a must for those wanting to stand out and be seen!

This weeks Style Stalker, Becky, has done just that. We had to stop and chat the Becky about her outfit this weekend simply because of the way she has combined black and white to provide a very sleek look. Becky's favourite part of her outfit was her shoes, and we'd have to agree with her. The way that she has matched them with her striped top and black jeans makes for an outfit of perfection. Her sleek up-do also adds to the chic look.

Stripes are in this season - as is the mix of the classic black and white. Why not give it go, ladies ?

Name: Becky

Top: Bought in Belgium

Jeans: De Jour Jeans

Shoes: New Look

Cardigan: Asos

Bag: River Island

Tipping our Hat to Autumn

By Jemma Mrdak

The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting cooler. Time to slowly (and sadly) pull out those winter warmers. It's time for some cooler weather!

This weeks Style Stalker is the effortlessly cool and super-sleek Samar, who we found heading out for dinner over the long weekend. What drew us to Samar was the way in which she pulled together a perfectly colour-coordinated look. Her hat, was by far our favourite item, and we love that she wasn't afraid to wear it with style. The two-toned shirt makes for an excellent contrast with the all black outfit and ties the look together perfectly.

Ladies, even though it's getting colder you can still pull off a comfortable and cool outfit with a pair of well-fitted jeans and slightly oversized tee. Keep your accessories simple and you will have an outfit perfect for both weekday and weekend wear!

Name: Samar

Top: Dotti

Jeans: American Apparel

Shoes: Windsor Smith

Hat: H&M

Bag: Sportsgirl

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