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Friday, 16 May 2014

NICK PARNELL Vibes Virtuoso @ The Street Theatre

Nick Parnell, celebrated as one of the most exciting vibraphone players in the world today, returns to the Street Theatre to launch his latest album, Vibes Virtuoso. Old favourites are new again, as Nick injects energy into a repertoire that is familiar to some, and inspirational to all. With a spirit of recklessness, Parnell takes one of the newest of classical instruments and gives it a genre-bending makeover. Nick Parnell is in Street One for one night only, Friday 16th May at 7:30pm.

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Event Re-cap

Event Recap: Glass Towers at Transit Bar

by Jen Taylor

Not even the rain and loss of Daylight Savings kept the dedicated from Transit Bar on Thursday night for the return of Glass Towers after their tour of America. The night opened with The Alternative, who brought quite a large crowd of followers. It was their first foray into the music scene with a drummer, having previously performed as an acoustic duo. They presented some nice acoustic guitar and solid basslines, and their final song (introduced by the lead singer as their personal favourite) was a definite crowd pleaser.