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July 29, 2015

Weekend Experiences

21/07/2015 by Kate Walker

The working week might revolve around planned meals, a strict-ish diet and possibly a few gym days; but come the weekend, I’m a firm believer in loosening the routine and indulging in good food with good friends. It’s even more enjoyable if some outdoors ‘puff’ can be woven into the scene too. Try some of these popular combinations and the last – a little known North Canberra ‘exercise eats’ combo. Lake Burley Griffin & Caravan Treats


10 Things for the Weekend

10/07/2015 by OutInCanberra

Oh hello July. It was January yesterday, but its okay... we're ready for you! This weekend we've rounded up a bunch of fun and exciting things to get you out and about with friends and family, but make sure you have your boots, coat, gloves and a scarf on hand because it's set to be a chilly one, with a very high chance of SNOW, yippee! 1. Ainslie + Gorman Arts Centres Official Launch Party at Ainslie Arts Centre Friday from 6:30pm


Canberra’s for kids

07/07/2015 by Jason Perelson

Canberra has been named Australia’s 'Fifth Most Family Friendly City'! And it comes as no surprise to the locals who spend their lives here and if you look around you, at pretty much any moment, you’ll notice the stroller swarm of parents. A never ending tide of families. And why not? Canberra really is amazingly family friendly. Still don’t believe us, because you’re living under a rock in Tharwa? Here are just 5 of the more obvious family friendly spots in Canberra: The National Arboretum


Alto Olive Oils Dinner at Sage Dining Rooms

30/06/2015 by OutInCanberra

Sage Dining Rooms and ALTO Olives together with Lark Hill Wines invites you to celebrate the launch of the 2015 New Season Extra Virgin Olive Oils with a beautiful feast for the senses. Damian Brabender will be cooking a unique menu based around local, seasonal produce, which will be prepared and served with each of ALTO's freshly pressed new season oils.


What does your lanyard say about you anyway?

26/06/2015 by Jason Perelson

So the good ol’ Gov wants to take your lanyard freedom away? In the words of a recent Game of Thrones episode (no spoilers) SHAME! It got us thinking, what does your lanyard say about you anyway? So we did some digging... Pink: You are either exceptionally girly or perhaps you are wearing pink as a sign of solidarity with breast cancer victims. Either way, you are correct, everyone thinks pink looks really good on you, sir.


Frugii announces the return of Truffled Ice Cream

24/06/2015 by OutinCanberra

It’s back! If the permanent home for Frugii ice-cream wasn’t awesome in itself, this week owner John and the team have announced the return of their Truffled Ice Cream. The best place for truffles to grow in under the frosty grounds around Canberra, so it’s fitting that the funky fungus be turned into an ice cream! This is the fifth year in a row that john has prepared the winter treat, and this time it’s better than ever.


10 Things for the Weekend

24/06/2015 by OutInCanberra

This weekend marks the last for June! Who else feels like this year has officially flown? Thankfully it's looking to be a sunny weekend so we've put together 10 fun things happening around town to keep you busy and entertained! Enjoy! 1. Skate in the City Garema Place All weekend


Let's go Skating, in the City!

23/06/2015 by OutInCanberra

This Winter, Canberra CBD Limited will again turn Garema Place into a dazzling Winter Wonderland featuring the large open air ice-skating rink now for the fifth year in a row! On Friday 26 June Skate in The City kicks off with a Grand Opening DJ Party on Ice and SIDS and KIDS event from 6:30pm to 9:30pm. General skating will continue for seven days a week until Sunday 26 July. With up to eight skating sessions a day and a capacity for 200 skaters, there’s room for everyone to enjoy the thrill of open air skating day and night.


Underground CBR: The Best 'CBaRs' You Don’t Know About

23/06/2015 by James Atkinson

Whether you live in the North or the South, there are a number of notable bars and nightspots tucked away throughout our nation’s capital. From O’Connor to Manuka, here are the best, and perhaps lesser known bars ready and waiting to keep you warm on those chilly Canberran nights. Molly Hobart Place, City West


Stormers v Aquis Brumbies Super Rugby Qualifying Final Away Game Function

17/06/2015 by OutInCanberra

The Aquis Brumbies are playing in the Super Rugby Qualifying Finals this weekend in South Africa and Galaxy Nightclub at Casino Canberra are hosting an official away game function for all Brumbies fans in Canberra to get together and watch the game. Stormers v Aquis Brumbies Super Rugby Qualifying Final Event starts at midnight, kick-off is at 1:00am Sunday June 21, 2015 SPECIALS: $5 snacks; $5 drinks (wine, beer, basic spirits). Drinks are discounted to $4 for anyone wearing Brumbies gear!