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April 26, 2015

5 Things for the Weekend

23/04/2015 by OutInCanberra

Here we go… after years of build-up the 100th Anniversary of ANZAC is upon us. While this important event is a central part of the weekend in Canberra, there are other things on offer. Enjoy! 1. The Spanish Film Festival at Palace Electric Cinemas. All weekend Nothing gets the blood pumping like a good old piece of Spanish film-making, be it a comedy or a smouldering love story, this is a culture that can really dial up the emotion.


Let's Go Deep - Black Sea Film review

21/04/2015 by Sam Tremayne

Black Sea is the kind of movie that’ll probably fly under your radar (or sonar in this case). It’s the story of Jude Law’s Robinson and his quest to haul a lost World War II treasure from a German U-Boat deep under the Turkish sea. Simultaneously, Robinson needs to solve his money woes and reunite his broken family. This is a film that goes in directions that will divide opinions (or perhaps would have, had anyone seen it).


Movie: SPOT - Win Tickets

21/04/2015 by OutInCanberra

From the Spanish Embassy in Canberra, director César Espada has created what is all at once an engrossing, disturbing and twistedly comedic story of deliberate cruelty with SPOT.


Who Can Eat 50 Chicken Wings?

20/04/2015 by OutInCanberra

On Wednesday night the air with thick – not with smoke, but thick with the excitement of a chicken wing challenge at Smoque in Civic. For the uninitiated, the Chicken Wing Challenge has been a hallmark of the highly successful American-inspired diner since it opened in 2012. All-in-all, some 300 people have sat down and asked themselves, “Can I eat 50 spicy, succulent, slow-cooked wings in just 30 minutes?” Of all those, only 14 have passed the test.


Everything Old is New Again at Fashfest!

17/04/2015 by OutInCanberra

What the heck is upcycled clothing and why should we give a hoot? The answer is easy says award-winning Melanie Child, a fashion designer from New Zealand who is arriving in Australia soon to launch a new collection at FASHFEST. "Upcycle means to reuse one item to create another of higher quality or value than the original," says Melanie. "We live in a world saturated with mass production and its byproducts. Approximately four per cent of total annual waste into landfill in New Zealand alone is textile waste. There is little point in adding to the problem.’


5 Things to Do This Weekend

16/04/2015 by OutInCanberra

Welcome back, Weekend! There’s one more chance to get out amongst it before next week’s cold weather hits home. We’ve found lots of fun to be had in the ACT this week, so strap yourselves in for all the action across Canberra on the coming days. Enjoy! 1. 1st Birthday ‘Carnivale’ at Lucky’s (QT Hotel) Friday from 5.00pm (Happy Hour) and 8.00pm (The Circus!)


Feeling Lucky? Join the Party!

15/04/2015 by OutInCanberra

It's time to party! And where better to let your hair down than at the award-winning Lucky's Speakeasy at QT? This Friday marks the 1st Birthday of Lucky's, and what an amazing year it has been! After opening in April of last year, Lucky’s in September 2014 went on to win the National Australian Hotels Association (AHA) Awards for Excellence for Best Bar Presentation and Service (Regional). That's an amazing effort for a new venue in a new hotel. They've got every right to celebrate.


Super Best Friends - Live at Transit Bar

13/04/2015 by Jen Taylor

To anyone who thought the Canberra punk scene was dead and gone, Super Best Friends have shown that they are proud to be representing our underground grunge culture in their own special way. They brought a collection of varied heavy bands to Transit Bar to help them launch their debut album Status Updates.


5 Things for the Weekend

09/04/2015 by OutInCanberra

Hooray for another short week! Even though we only had to endure the nine-to-five across four days this week, it doesn’t make the weekend any less welcome. Here’s a bunch of ideas that will have you celebrating every sweet moment until Monday rocks around again. Enjoy! 1. Super Best Friends Album Launch at Transit Bar Friday from 8.00pm Canberra music is killing it at the moment. You can barely move without seeing another great collection of talented locals breaking out great tunes.


Canberra's Most Delicious Burgers

09/04/2015 by Sarah Pritchard

Burgers are everywhere, good ones and not so good ones, those with all kinds of sauce and weird combinations of food between two pieces of bread. These delicious treats are are a constant in our world but which ones are the best ones? It was a gruelling task to find out (I know, I know…). Here are the thoroughly-considered results. London Burgers and Beers Queanbeyan, Tuggeranong, Belconnen, Civic (closed due to fire).