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May 30, 2015

Interview: Inside the life of... Margaret Zhang

23/05/2015 by Carly Devine

Margaret Zhang is a woman of many talents. She's a blogger, writer, stylist, photographer, creative director and, on top of all that, a student at the University of Sydney completing her combined Bachelor of Commerce and Law. At just 21, Margaret has already achieved so much including working for Harpers Bazaar and NYLON magazines, Nike, David Jones, Mulberry and NET-A-PORTER - just to name a few! Above all, she is a social media whiz. With over 427,000 followers on Instagram Margaret has decided to host workshops on how best to use the medium.


5 Things to Do This Weekend

21/05/2015 by OutInCanberra

Wow! There is so much happening this weekend... from comics to community festivals to the comedic relief of Eurovision! The weather is forecast to clear up to a crisp and clear couple of days, so get out and about Canberra this weekend! There’s plenty to see and do! Enjoy! 1. GAMMA.CON at Hellenic Club, Woden. From 6.00pm Friday Gamers and comic geeks unite! This weekend see the three-day festival of videogames, anime, manga, comics, sci-fi, fantasy, books, movies and TV shows.


Here's our Newbie's Guide to Winter!

18/05/2015 by Maeve Bannister

Last year, I met a guy who, upon finding out where I was from said, “UGH! Canberra is the absolute worst.* It’s hot in summer and cold in winter.” Instead of dwelling on his strange idea of what exactly the weather is supposed to be (because, last time I checked, it’s actually quite acceptable that summer is hot and winter is cold), I’d like to focus on the last part of his statement, because he was quite right: Canberra is pretty cold in winter.


Recap: Fashfest Night 4 - The Engineer

17/05/2015 by Jemma Mrdak

In the fashion industry, breaking design limits and taking risks is a must. Moving design beyond the boundaries of what is possible and predicting the future is what makes one designer stand out from another. Tonight, each Fashfest designer, on the final night of shows, proved that they can do just that. Being the finale of Fashfest, expectations were high, and we weren’t disappointed in the slightest.


Recap - Fashfest night 3 - The Cartographer

16/05/2015 by Mel Swann

Crowds gathered for Night 3 of FashFest at the new, slightly warmer than last year's location of the National Convention Centre - a bigger venue for a much bigger show. Tonight was all about ‘The Cartographer’, or someone who makes maps. Incorporating the essence of land and exploring how reality can be manipulated, we saw a great example of how garments are constructed and changed.


Recap: Fashfest Night 2 - The Inventor

14/05/2015 by Amy Robinson

Anticipation and excitement carried over into the second night of Fashfest at the National Convention Centre. The theme of ‘The Inventor’ was brought to life through creativity, innovation and originality as designers stunned and awed onlookers with their series of masterpieces. Each collection was transitioned by a variation of moody, jazzy and, one could even say, mechanical sounds delivered by DJ Ced Nada, saxophonist Julian Fung and rapper Tak-Un-Da.


5 Things for the Weekend

14/05/2015 by OutInCanberra

Hooray! The rain has gone, and we’re in the middle of a bunch of those beautiful crisp and clear Canberra mornings. Take advantage of the clear skies and get out and about Canberra this weekend! There’s plenty to see and do! Enjoy! 1. X-Rated Science at Questacon. Tuesday from 7.00pm Get your naughty bits ready for a fun night out in one of Canberra’s favourite national instituions. Be seduced by science at Questacon’s next SciNight as it delves into some cheeky, adults-only topics for one night only.


Recap: Fashfest Night 1 - The Activist

14/05/2015 by Jemma Mrdak

An Activist: a rebel who encourages others to change the world and a mischief maker who incites open revolution. These thoughts were front-of-mind after attending Night One of Fashfest. Canberra’s biggest fashion event of the year shone an incredibly large spotlight last night on the city’s exciting mix of young, local and established fashion and artistic designers.


WIN a double pass to FASHFEST opening night!

13/05/2015 by OutInCanberra

There's only hours to go until Canberra's biggest fashion event kicks off. Tonight, Wednesday, is Opening Night...and the theme is THE ACTIVIST "The Activist is the rebel who encourages others to change the world. The activist is a mischief maker who incites open revolution. Authority is powerless in the face of the people so fashion becomes a beacon for insurrection."


Clean Cut Style for Fashfest

06/05/2015 by OutInCanberra

The ever-so-stylish Craig Meggs has been QT Hotel’s resident barber since the doors opened in March last year. Now very much a Canberran, we asked Craig about his training, his life in Canberra and his new challenge working on some of the male models for Fashfest. It’s less than two weeks until Fashfest. Tell us about your involvement in Canberra’s biggest fashion event.