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May 28, 2016

A classic sure to grow on you

24/05/2016 by OutInCanberra

A lovesick hero. A bloodthirsty plant. A mouth-watering musical. These phrases definitely sum up the 1960’s classic Little Shop of Horrors, on now at The Canberra Theatre Centre. The stage spectacular has something for everyone including popular songs Feed Me, Suddenly Seymour and Somewhere that’s Green. Laced with dark humour and irresistible music, this multi-award winning, world-wide cult classic musical comedy will be gracing the stage at Canberra Theatre Centre from 25 May. For those of you who haven’t come across the classic:


Whisky Live comes to Canberra

17/05/2016 by Alex Dickens

Welcome to the day that we not only debate the inclusion or absence of an ‘e’ in whisky, but also appreciate the spirit we all hold so dear. World Whisky Day is celebrated annually on 21 May, and its only ever more convenient that the Whisky Live Tour is dropping into the University of Canberra Refectory on 27 and 28 May. Catering for both the whisky novice and the connoisseur, Whisky Live offers a rare opportunity to warm up with a sample of the worlds high quality whisky brands from Scotland, Ireland, USA, India and Australia.


Shakin' things up this Friday

11/05/2016 by Alex Dickens

Get ready for a Friday bender with a cause – because this Friday 13 May is World Cocktail Day! Have your shakers at the ready, stock up on ice and get sloshed in the fanciest way possible with these amazing cocktail recipes brought to you by bartenders and Whiskey specialists Linda O’Rourke and Alex Orwin from J&M Sydney. __________________________________________ Blood and Maria – Glassware coupette, no ice 20ml    Chivas 12yo 20ml    Cynar 20ml    Antica Formula 20ml    Cherry Heering


May the 4th be with you Canberra

03/05/2016 by Rylan Dawson

Set your THI-fighters and X-Wing’s for light speed as Canberra gears up for another year to celebrate Star Wars Day and discuss if Rey is a Skywalker, who shot first, and how a parsec is a measurement of distance - not time. Here is all you need to know for the occasion: Costumes


Escape to the country

03/05/2016 by Alex Dickens

Want to get away this long weekend? Somewhere you can take the kids for free that’s kilometres away from the city? Well, I think we have the answer that will keep you and hubby happy! Forget the Queen, this weekend is all about the King … the King Valley that is! Just a short four-hour drive south of Canberra is a picturesque landscape abundant with quality local produce and award-winning vineyards.


The people have spoken: AKIBA, Australia's favourite restaurant for 2016

02/05/2016 by OutInCanberra

It’s another win for local restaurant and bar AKIBA with the much-loved venue being crowned the Australian Financial Review Top Restaurants People’s Choice for 2016.


Timing Meals and Exercise

27/04/2016 by Lisa Donaldson APD

As a Sports Dietitian I’m often asked, “Should I eat before or after exercise?” This topic usually crops up with regard to breakfast. If you’re anything like me, then a belly full of food before a run isn’t going to be pretty… Yet, some people need a little fuel before they can even think about strapping on their joggers. I’ve put together some tips and advice to help you make the best choice for YOU and your training. Before Exercise


Weekend must-do: Groovin the Moo

19/04/2016 by OutInCanberra

Groovin the Moo is upon us once again and the date has crept up fast with the Canberra leg taking over the University of Canberra fields this Sunday, 24 April. This year Canberrans no longer have to worry about making the dreaded “sickie” call to work the next day with the GTM gods gracing us with a public holiday.


Doin' YAH the right way

11/04/2016 by Alex Dickens

Canberra’s biggest, best and free five-day celebration of independent and experimental art is here. Running from Wednesday 13 April to Sunday 17 April, the festival will host some truly amazing events that showcase local, national and international talent and expression. Popping up in local shop fronts, alleys, cafes, car parks and streets, the You Are Here festival is taking over the town. To help you get involved, here are five must see events to put on your YAH to-do list for 2016. __________________________________________


April's Must-see Gigs

05/04/2016 by OutInCanberra

The evenings are getting darker – which means it’s the perfect time of year to head for your nearest bar/pub/club and take in some great tunes. There’s plenty on offer this April, so no matter if your dancing shoes are heels or Docs, there’s something on offer for everyone. ______________________ Tonight! The Bennies Transit Bar, Civic $28.60 (Click here for tickets)