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February 12, 2016

Gig Review: Dan Sultan By the Water

10/02/2016 by Alex Dickens

After the horrible weather we’ve had of late, an outside concert was not at the top of my list. However, Saturday’s By The Water event was the perfect way to experience amazing performances from Dan Sultan and Thelma Plum at the National Museum of Australia’s outdoor amphitheatre.


The Ultimate Valentine's Date Giveaway

03/02/2016 by OutInCanberra

Do you feel like there’s too many options for Valentine’s Day dinner? Is the pressure to impress getting you down? Are you so stressed that you can’t make a decision? It’s enough to make you want to throw in the towel, grab some takeout and watch whatever is on Netflix. Well, listen up - there’s no need to settle for that! Treat your special someone (and yourself!) to a special Valentine’s dinner at Chifley’s Bar & Grill in the romantic surrounds of historic Hotel Kurrajong Canberra.


This Saturday Googfest is back!

02/02/2016 by OutInCanberra

Fancy a night out listening to great music under the stars with family and friends? Well, round up the troops because Googfest is back for the second year, this Saturday 6 February 2016 at Rockley Oval. Whether you’re an official Googonian or not, this free music festival is open to everyone, of all ages (and suburbs lived).


Interview with Betti Bravo's

27/01/2016 by Nic Crowther

The Kingston Foreshore has definitely attracted the attention of Canberrans over the last few years, acting as a hub for social gatherings and amazing dining experiences. A new venue set to open in the coming weeks is Betti Bravo’s. Filling the space not yet occupied between “A little bit Spanish, a little bit Caribbean and a whole lot of delicious” OutInCanberra sat down with General Manager, Thomas Weis, Venue Manager, James Mercer and Bar Manager, Jordan Flynn to chat about


The Island - The most exciting dining event this year...

25/01/2016 by OutInCanberra

We all love the National Multicultural Festival, but how great would it be to escape the crowds and have the party brought directly to your table? Enter... The Island! The first VIP dining event to be held at the National Multicultural Festival. Imagine sitting on a seat of your very own with space to breathe and relax, an amazing host and enjoying six delicious dishes from your favourite festival stalls without having to queue.


Australia Day Live 2016!

18/01/2016 by OutInCanberra

One of the great things about January is that the Australia Day public holiday arrives fast enough to feel like another Christmas gift. Hooray! If you’re one of those lucky enough to still be on holidays, then despite every single day being like another glorious Saturday morning, there’s plenty of reason to get out and about to celebrate with your fellow country-folk.


NYC in the heart of Kingston's Green Square

12/01/2016 by Nic Crowther

Since opening in late 2013, Little Brooklyn has taken its rightful position of Kingston’s favourite pub. Situated in Green Square – one of Canberra’s oldest shopping precincts – the busy little bar has proved popular among locals and visitors alike with its mix of friendly service, sport broadcasts and delicious food.


What does your shot choice say about you?

12/01/2016 by Alex Dickens

As some of us make resolutions following the hangovers, binges and exhaustion of Christmas and New Year, perhaps it’s time to reflect on what your partying preferences say about you. We all love to party but, guess what? That shot you just ordered alongside a chaser of vodka, lime & soda actually speaks volumes. So, what does your shot say about you? Here is OutInCanberra’s guide to your shot selections. __________________________________________ Jam Donut What’s in it? Baileys, raspberry liqueur, sugar syrup with a sugar crust around the glass.


Last Minute Guide: Christmas Eve, Boxing Day & NYE in Canberra!

23/12/2015 by OutInCanberra

Here's the ultimate guide to the festive season parties to keep in your back pocket. __________________________________________ Christmas Eve Thursday, 24 December 2015 Click here to see the guide. Boxing Day Saturday, 26 December 2015


Interview with Josh Pyke - For all these shrinking hearts

22/12/2015 by Seth Robinson

“I don’t like the word muse, but I do think of my drive as a person. Sometimes we’re getting along great, and then sometimes we’re not seeing eye to eye and we need a break from each over. I’ve realised that it’s like any relationship, if it’s worth pursuing you just have to stick with it and ride out those times.” __________________________________________