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November 26, 2015

The Workplace Christmas Party: A Survivor’s Guide

25/11/2015 by Seth Robinson

With December right around the corner, the festive season is officially upon us. It’s a time for most of us to kick back and relax, let the hair down, spend some time with the family, or take off to a far away island where the drinks come in coconut shells and the only connection to the outside world is through the free Wi-Fi. It’s also Christmas party season, which is always fun, but can also be a little hazardous, particularly here in the land of public servants.


Bao That Will Rock Your World

25/11/2015 by Brian Tam

If you follow any foodies on social media, you’re sure to have come across a few mouth-watering photos of bao (those delicate, fluffy, folded-over steamed buns) in the last year or two. Originally a Taiwanese street snack (known as ‘gua bao’ and traditionally filled with pork belly, pickles and crushed nuts), they gained mass appeal when they popped up on the menu at Momofuku in New York way back in 2004, and have been getting more and more popular ever since.


First Taste: Helix Bar & Dining at VIBE Hotel Canberra Airport

24/11/2015 by Nic Crowther

It’s safe to say that TFE Hotels has produced two of the best looking venues in Canberra. Barely 18 months after their amazing refurbishment of Hotel Kurrajong, the dynamic company has thrown open the doors of Vibe Hotel at Canberra Airport. The stunning exterior sets the scene for the experience of entering the foyer. Sitting in Helix Bar & Dining on the south side of the ground floor, it’s fun to watch new arrivals as they spin around with eyes and mouth wide open to take in the soaring atrium with its Guggenheim-like balconies.


How to have a night OutInCanberra with Ikea - Part 2

16/11/2015 by OutInCanberra

Okay, so this morning we’ve told you how to get ready for a night OutInCanberra. Let us now guide you through the more delicate hours – those when you return home with a house filled with people, and the inevitable ‘morning after’. __________________________________________ Getting Home As you make your way back in through the door, kick off your shoes, put on some music and get ready to look after those who split the taxi with you.


Authentic Cuisine at Harem Turkish Restaurant

10/11/2015 by Brian Tam

With a seemingly endless supply of new places to dine at around town, it’s easy to forget that there’s a select group of restaurants that have been feeding hungry Canberra mouths for longer than most of us can remember (or admit to being able to remember!). One of those places, sitting above The Durham in Kingston’s Green Square, is the Harem Turkish Restaurant, which has been serving authentic Turkish cuisine for over 20 years.


The District - a parfait place to meet in Crace

10/11/2015 by Nic Crowther

There’s something about the suburbs of Canberra that brings a sense of ease and comfort. With carefully-cultivated streets and a real sense of community, the local shops provide plenty of new venues to explore. A shining example of this is The District at Crace. Set among the shiny new shops at the centre of the suburb, The District is very much focussed on delivering locals a relaxed and comfortable space with a distinct flavour of its own.


Top 7 Spots for a Picnic in Canberra

02/11/2015 by Lucy Stone

Picnics are one of my favourite springtime activities. Aside from being relaxing and affordable, who doesn't love soaking up the sunshine with good food and fresh air? Whether you're in the mood for a romantic interlude or a sunny afternoon with family and friends, picnics allow you to immerse yourself in nature and take a step away from life's hustle and bustle. This makes them perfect for any occasion.


Eastlake Football Club Kingston

27/10/2015 by Nic Crowther

Canberrans just love their clubs – and with good reason. Eastlake Football Club Kingston, with its serene Inner-South setting, shows exactly why it is such a strong focus for those on this side of the lake. This is an amazing, modern club that ticks all the boxes for an enjoyable day or night out with friends and family.


Canberra's Best Thai

21/10/2015 by Lucy Stone

Looking to satisfy your Thai addiction but not quite sure where to go? Here's a breakdown of Canberra's best Thai restaurants. ____________________________________________ Morks Restaurant Kingston Foreshore Kingston website Tuesday – Saturday (Lunch and Dinner) Sunday (Lunch)


The National Press Club's chef Georgia Harrison is off on a Food Safari

14/10/2015 by Nic Crowther

As part of our Meet The Chef series we caught up with National Press Club chef, Georgia Harrison, and her team mate Amanda Polsen who have won the 2015 National Golden Chef’s Hat Award. The girls achieved first place in the competition receiving Gold with Distinction - a competition first. As part of the prize the young chefs will fly to South Africa to complete work experience with a multi-award winning chef and experience a once-in-a-lifetime Food Safari.