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September 20, 2014

Taste It Festival 2013 is on!

15/10/2013 by Nic Crowther

Time flies when you're having fun, and there are only days left for the Taste It 2013 Festival. There are only three more events, that cover some of the finer points of spirits, as well as a bit of fun running up and down the stairs of the Uni Pub. We all love to get out and try new places, as well as see what really makes a venue shine. Grab one of these final opportunities to get out there for Taste It Festival 2013 – our month-long celebration of Canberra dining. Tickets to the following are selling fast:


'The Good Oil' on Olive at Mawson

01/10/2013 by Nic Crowther

Since opening in July 2013, Olive at Mawson has developed a loyal following of diners from the Woden Valley and beyond. With a strong focus on classic dishes, visitors will be treated to hearty dishes served with all the love and care expected in a family restaurant. The menu is designed to let diners graze through entrée and the meze dishes – staying away from the traditional ‘three courses’. However, you’ll find plenty of flexibility and dishes to suit every preference.


The Copa

24/09/2013 by Carly Jade Devine

The Copa in Dickson is Canberra’s own Brazilian Churrasco. The family restaurant not only provides an abundance of different mouthwatering cooked (or rather, barbequed) to perfection meats and traditional dishes - it provides an experience, one diners are sure to never forget.


The Perfect Brunch @ Trev's

24/09/2013 by Nic Crowther

Trev's @ Dickson has been a slow burner over the last few years. For those in on the secret, Trev's breakfast, lunch and dinner have been a treat, with a sharply focussed menu delivering inventive, witty and delicious variations of classic dishes. With the warmer weather returning, Trev’s is venturing into brunch service, and this has given the crew an opportunity to bring their style to another set of dishes. The menu contains options from the healthy through to the indulgent, with each dish bearing that special attention to detail that has made Trev’s such a hit for weekday diners.


Bodega de Pintxos

10/09/2013 by Katey Baddeley

Canberra’s inner south has always played host some of the city’s best restaurants. Bodega de Pintxos along Kennedy Street in Kingston is no exception to the rule and raises the street’s dining profile by quite a substantial notch.


Royal Thai Embassy of Australia’s 11th Annual Thai Food and Cultural Festival

06/09/2013 by Nic Crowther

Sunday 22nd of September sees the return of the Royal Thai Embassy of Australia’s annual Thai Food and Cultural Festival. This fantastic event, now in its 11th year, offers Canberrans the opportunity to celebrate one of the most popular Asian cultures whose influence is well known through food, dance and music.


Healthy Living - Portion Distortion

02/09/2013 by Lisa Donaldson, Dietitian - FEED Inc

In the last two decades, have you noticed that portion sizes have steadily crept up?


Worlds Colliding At Fusion Cafe and Grill


Fusion Cafe and Grill resides in the space previously occupied by The Asian Noodle House. The timber floor, the original since the Sydney Building was constructed back in 1920s shines through with memories of the generations that have passed through over the decades. Classic cafe chairs add to the sense of history, and the room echoes with the chatter of customers - like ghosts from those bygone days. For fans of the Mediterranean architectural style, ceiling florets hark back the building’s origins.


Keeping it in the Family - Dining at La Cantina

27/08/2013 by Nic Crowther

The restaurant that took the Inner South by storm - with its incredible vaulted brick ceilings and seriously luxurious food - is no longer the new kid on the block. Rather, after four years of consistently bellissimo food and service, the restaurant is an institution, a safe haven… a place where you know a sense of deep satisfaction is assured. The menu is a more modern take on Italian cuisine, however there are a few classics hidden among the generous list. Here are but a few current offerings that will tanatalise your taste buds with fresh and exciting flavours.


Beess and Co - Humming Along as Usual

21/08/2013 by Nic Crowther

Beess & Co, the sleepy little café locate din the leafy suburbs of Yarralumla made headlines last weekend for more than one reason. One event put them on the front page of the Canberra Times. On Wednesday, at 6.30am while the staff was setting up for the day’s trade, a man entered the café via the service entry and threatened the staff before making off with the cash in store.