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December 19, 2014

OnRed - Taking Canberra dining to new heights

24/02/2014 by OutInCanberra

In a planned city, there are few dining locations as iconic as OnRed, perched at the pinnacle of Red Hill Lookout with sprawling views from The Brindabellas across the Parliamentary Triangle and over to the city’s Northside. For local and tourists alike, such a vista showcases the true beauty of the Griffin’s master plan and subsequent development of Canberra.


Meet me at the Corner - Dining at O'Neill's Pub

24/02/2014 by OutInCanberra

If Canberra is starved of one thing, it must be corner pubs. In a city designed and implemented by a collective of sober Americans, the Nation’s Capital has always been denied the kind of activity and grand architecture that graces intersections from Birdsville all the way to the City of Brisbane.


Hitting the Mark - Benchmark Wine Bar

14/02/2014 by OutInCanberra

Bottles and glass pack the interior of Benchmark Wine Bar, a fantastic little space in the heart of the city that takes its wine more seriously than most. For the connoisseur, it’s difficult not to get excited by the range of wines on offer - and dream of a selection worthy of a place among the empty bottles that line the ‘trophy shelf’ along the Northbourne Avenue window.


Talking Breakfast - Dining at Chatterbox

10/02/2014 by OutInCanberra

A chatterbox typically has a lot to say, and after visiting Belconnen’s latest coffee shop, there’s certainly plenty to talk about. From the bright colours of the interior and roar of the busy coffee machine, through to the energetic and friendly banter of the staff, Chatterbox Espresso bar has the feeling of being very much a living and breathing café.


Following the Breeze - Dining on Northbourne Avenue

03/02/2014 by OutInCanberra

Cloistered away from the busy thoroughfare outside, Breeze on Northbourne offers something of an oasis in the city. As a part of the Clifton Suites (serviced apartments playing host to visitors in the Capital) Breeze is also a great place for Canberrans to escape for a lunch or dinner any day of the week. The extremes of Canberra’s weather seem a world away when nestled in the high-backed and softly furnished dining chairs. Simple table decorations lend a relaxed air to the room, foregoing the formality of fine dining without compromising the quality of the food and service.


Kingston Foreshore - Update

29/01/2014 by OutInCanberra

After a brief halt over the Christmas period, it’s full-steam-ahead for down at Kingston Foreshore, with a slew of venues opening up and taking advantage of the warm weather. For those who make their way from Eastlake Parade through to the waterfront area, there’s plenty on offer. Most importantly, Kingston Foreshore is getting very close to realising its promise of a true lakeside entertainment precinct.


Top Six: Friday Night Hangouts

14/01/2014 by Carly Jade Devine

Friday nights. They are the start of the weekend, the best night to wind down and catch up with friends, and the perfect opportunity to head straight from work to the local bar and still be home early enough to flop on the couch and watch some telly. We wanted to find out the best places to go for a dabble on a Friday evening…so we asked you! These were the top six suggestions: 1. Treehouse


A Peruvian adventure at Cholo's

13/01/2014 by OutInCanberra

Walking in the Cholos Peruvian Restaurant in Dickson, there’s an unusual feeling that greets first-time diners. It’s a feeling of walking into someone’s home: where ingredients might have been bought fresh from the market that morning; where the house is filled with the aroma of all-day cooking; where guests are welcomed with wide-open arms and food is the symbol of good times and happy memories


A Journey East

13/01/2014 by Nic Crowther

Have no doubt about it; East Row is the beating heart of the city. With the bus interchange, and the flood of people between both sides of Northbourne Avenue, the energy and buzz of this strip is like few others in town. So, what better place for a venue that aims to bring the bustling energy of India to Canberra? East Bar and Grill takes up the opportunity with one eye on traditions and another looking forward to the lights of the big city. It's a balancing act well executed throughout the menu, with plenty of offerings across local and Indian cuisines.


One to remember.

07/01/2014 by Nic Crowther

Take a trip to South America - to a time of grand monuments and sun worship. Sitting in the large windows of One Restaurant located on the first floor of Canberra's Novotel, it seems yet again the sun beams down on a city with enough monuments to make the ancients bow in wonder.