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May 25, 2015

Barbecued Brilliance at Black Fire Braddon

01/09/2014 by OutInCanberra

BlackFire in Braddon brings a world of flavours to Mort Street. While most people will be amazed by the visual presence of meat cooking slowly on the open fire near the kitchen, in reality the style of Black Fire is much more complex. Certainly, there is a desire by owners Carolina Sanchez and Paolo Milanesi to make you feel as though you are walking into their living room as a result of their friendly and personal service.


Back to nature with Pod Food at Pialligo

26/08/2014 by OutInCanberra

There’s simply nothing better than leaving your cares at the door and relaxing in a chair with a full belly and a glass of wine, taking in the smells and sounds of nature. Where in Canberra might you be able to do that? How about Pialligo? Over the last few years, there has been a real focus kitchen gardens and food miles, but, really… where does this style of cooking have more relevance in Canberra than out at this gorgeous little suburb designed for those in love with gardens, landscaping and natural produce.


Burgers & Beers - Q&A with Dan Rayner

24/08/2014 by OutInCanberra

Beers. Burgers. They’re both delicious. If you agree, why not take Dad along to Canberra Centre for an evening of food and drink hosted by local beer aficionado, Dan Rayner. One of the leaders of the Canberra Brewers’ Club, Dan is bringing his passion to The Hub on Friday 29 August from 6.00pm What started your love of beer? It’s pretty simple, actually. I was working as a geological technician in about 1994 when I cracked my first can of VB. It went down so easily and so smoothly there had to be something in it.


5 Things to Do this Weekend

22/08/2014 by OutInCanberra

Here's a bunch of fun things to do if you are looking for inspiration and something to brighten up your two days of leisure! 1. Matt Okine Zierholz @ UC - Friday night from 7.30pm He’s not just a voice wafting from your bedside radio prior to hitting the snooze button. Triple J’s Matt Okine has an entire body, and uses it with great energy during his hilarious stand-up. Grab a ticket and head to Zierholz tonight to see one of Australia’s funniest comedians in full swing.


Hot, Long and Slow - Smoque in the City

22/08/2014 by Carly Devine

Located in the heart of the City is the Southern American charm of Smoque. When the restaurant opened in late 2012, even the name had us intrigued and so, it seemed was the rest of Canberra. Before we knew it, tables were booked back-to-back and the city was hooked on the barbecue-style menu and casual atmosphere.


Taking it Easy at Tranquilo Espresso

22/08/2014 by OutInCanberra

Tranquilo Espresso (derived from the Spanish for relax) is anything but reserved. This busy little spot in the heart of Lonsdale Street is the perfect kind of hole-in-the wall that can pump out coffee, burgers and complete meals effortlessly, allowing for eat-in and take-away diners to fill their bellies with a surprisingly broad range of offerings not typically available from espresso bars.


Hang Out with Little Brother

18/08/2014 by OutInCanberra

From high up on Red Hill, your worries can feel a million miles away. This is just one reason why Little Brother is the perfect place to enjoy time with friends and family while caring a lot less about the daily grind of the city below. The younger sibling to the smart and sophisticated Onred Restaurant upstairs, Little Brother pays the same attention to detail as its more formal elder, and provides a range of dining options that are as easy to take in as the amazing view.


Culinary for a Cause

15/08/2014 by OutInCanberra

raize the roof: Supporting kids a little less lucky. Powered by inspiration, innovation and dedication, the raize the Roof team along with the Canberra community will assist local children who are suffering from illness and also children of the world who are orphaned due to disease or circumstance. The upcoming fundraiser, 'Culinary for a Cause', together with the new Vitis Eatery in Braddon will be holding a night of food and fundraising on Tuesday 26 August. Details


5 Things to Do This Weekend

14/08/2014 by OutInCanberra

Here's a bunch of fun things to do if you are looking for inspiration and something to brighten up your two days of leisure! 1. SciNight Questacon – Friday Night from 6.00pm Sport pretty amazing. Even if you’re not a fan of watching it, there is some pretty cool science behind lifting, running, jumping and throwing. Join the team at Questacon as they celebrate National Science Week through a fun-filled night including heaps of great activities, and even an appearance by the Canberra Roller Derby League.


Kingston Foreshore Update

13/08/2014 by Sarah Pritchard

Visiting the Kingston Foreshore is becoming more delightful and it’s not just the prospect of spring weather after a cold Canberra winter. It’s the new places to eat and drink opening up along the side of the lake.