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May 6, 2016

Ten foods you really SHOULD eat

27/07/2015 by Lisa Donaldson

I was flicking through a magazine and then scrolling through social media feeds when I noticed a common theme. So many nutrition sites and diet gurus talking about foods that all of us must avoid before we turn into living, breathing muffin tops and beer guts. I personally believe any food can be included in your diet. The problem is, there seems to be nothing sexy about moderation...right? It got me thinking about creating a list of ten foods we really should eat – because food is pretty fabulous after all!


Canberra's Newest Sweet Spot

22/07/2015 by Carly Devine

Old Parliament House welcomed a new tasty addition this month, The Terrace Café, Canberra’s newest sweet spot in the heart of the city. Enjoy a sumptuous breakfast or lunch with a range of pastry and savoury treats, from elderflower cupcakes, gluten free egg muffins to daily pulled meat, and fresh bread rolls. Chelley Penn, an award winning barista offers guests of the new café a range of unique beverages including matcha green tea lattes, espresso coffee and cocoa & maple milkshake.


A Guide to Comfort Food

21/07/2015 by Maeve Bannister

During winter evenings, the gut reaction of most people is to go full hibernation mode: stay in, rug up, have a Netflix marathon, and only leave the house for absolute necessities. I too am guilty of this type of thinking, but during recent university holidays and copious evening catch-ups with friends, and I realised I had been seriously missing out on some great restaurants offering up delicious food to warm up this winter. So, if you’ve got a bit of cabin fever, or just want to get out and about, here is my guide to comfort food in Canberra:


Where to Eat Gluten-Free in Canberra

21/07/2015 by Sarah Pritchard

The gluten-free people of the capital don’t have it easy. So many fellow Canberrans have to carefully consider what’s in their meal in order to avoid the dreaded gluten. Full disclosure: I have a intense love of bread and no head for gluten hunting, but as I am discovering it’s not just gluten that’s being avoided. Read on!


10 Things to Do this Weekend

17/07/2015 by OutInCanberra

Have you suffered through this week’s chill? The good news is the weekend is looking pretty good, and there is plenty of hot action across the city to get involved in. ___________________ 1. Scandinavian Film Festival at Palace Electric Cinemas Various sessions all weekend Right now, across Scandinavia, it’s delightfully warm. Cosy up with a friend or two in Palace electric and take in some of the amazing films that make up this year’s programme.


Halfway through 2015 - what are the hot food trends?

14/07/2015 by Kate Walker

We’ve seen blackboards chalked with ‘cronuts’, menus emblazoned with ‘quinoa-everything' and afternoon tea seekers fall for the ever-popular ‘bejewelled macaroon’. In 2014, Paleo dishes screamed onto the Canberra scene. From the quiet that I now hear, the hype has calmed right down. We had a surge of molecular gastronomy that drained wallets and left folk feeling just generally hungry; and, still trumpeting on with enthusiasm - the all-hail-kale bandwagon.


The Best Places for Date Night Under $50.00

14/07/2015 by Sage Velvet

Let’s face it. Dates Night can become expensive, but I have a roundup of some of the best date nights for under $50.00! Grab your lover and get out of the house for one of these romantic mid-week winter treats. _______________________ 1. Get your skates on! Winter is certainly here, which means Garema Place has again been turned into a magical open air ice-skating rink. Ice-skate under the stars (or just fall over - if your anything like me) then, when food calls, grab a burger from Mooseheads. It’s here all for just $25.00!


Bicicletta - an authentic Italian experience.

06/07/2015 by Brian Tam

As Bicicletta celebrates its first year under the management of the Peppers Gallery Hotel in New Acton, it’s a perfect time to pay them a visit and see what’s new. Stepping into the restaurant, you’ll notice that its updated interior seamlessly combines rustic and modern elements, with the long wooden tables and soft pendant lights creating a warm, cosy atmosphere. There’s a bit of fun thrown in too, with a feature wall that’s splashed with Italian-inspired graphics and placemats that show off Bicicletta’s iconic bicycle logo.


Canberra’s Best Kebabs

06/07/2015 by Brian Tam

It’s 3am, your pick-up lines haven’t worked, your new dance moves haven’t done you any favours, and you’re down to your last $10. Having been there once or twice, I’ve learned that the only thing you can do is to call it a night and seek comfort in the warm arms of a kebab. But while we often think of kebabs as a late night consolation prize, there’s no reason why we can’t enjoy them when the sun’s up. After all, what’s wrong with a bit of fresh bread, grilled meat and salad?


Gimme Chocolate, NOW!

29/06/2015 by Lisa Donaldson

Ever get a sudden urge to eat something, and all you can do is think about it? It’s an insatiable hunger that cannot be abated by celery or carrot sticks. It’s gotta be chocolate… or chips… or a burger… and you’ve gotta have it, NOW!?! Cravings... People often ask me, “Why do I get cravings?”