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April 25, 2014

Lovemore bringing cuisine to new heights

27/03/2013 by Rahima Saikal

The thing that I love about Ha Ha Bar as a dining destination is that it is situated on the water, has a world renowned chef and has a sophisticated ambience about it, but doesn’t come with the price tag that you would expect from such a restaurant.


Perfection on a plate

20/03/2013 by Katey Baddeley

I’m often asked what my favourite Canberra restaurant is. I stroke my chin, look up at the sky and pretend to think about it for a moment, then answer ponderously with the same name every time, as though it was an extremely tough decision to make. It wasn’t. My favourite restaurant is Flint in the Vines out at the Shaw vineyard Estate in Murrumbateman, so imagine my sheer delight upon hearing I was to head out that way for a review last week.


Unbelievably good pub menu

12/03/2013 by Katey Baddeley

I vaguely remember visiting Mooseheads once. In an alcohol abetted buzz I think I stuck to the floor, lost a shoe, fell down a flight of stairs and ruined a perfectly good dress. Whilst the majority of that train-wreck of an evening was my fault completely, the unfavourable experience didn’t offer any entice of a return visit. That was 4 years ago. I’m pleasantly and unexpectedly surprised to announce a lot has changed since then.


Comfort food at it's best

06/03/2013 by Rahima Saikal

The Ainslie Bar & Bistro at Mercure Canberra is the perfect place to go for a light snack, hearty dinner or pre or post dinner drink. Located on the ground floor of Mercure Canberra, Ainslie Bar & Bistro is regally furnished and the space is open and airy. It is comprised of a bar, restaurant seated area and outdoor beer garden, which is perfect for business and social events. We were warmly welcomed as we made our way in and shown to a table. Drinks were ordered as we waited for the dishes to arrive.


Good vibes at Bicicletta

27/02/2013 by Lauren Heys

It was a beautiful balmy Canberra evening and the rustic design of Bicicletta Italian Restaurant Canberra in New Acton, painted a welcoming picture as I entered. With an outdoor dining area featuring recycled timber tables and a stage area for entertainment and functions, indoor/outdoor dining is a definite draw card.


The legendary Gryphons

20/02/2013 by Katey Baddeley

Working this amazing job, I am consistently ashamed at the number of brilliant Canberra venues I haven’t visited on my own steam. This week was no exception as I took a trip down to Gryphon’s Caffe and Bar nestled in a homely corner at Griffith shops. The atmosphere is a relaxed and unique combination of quiet cultured cafe, spacious fine dining and socially encouraged bar. How on earth the mix of venue types co-exists as seamlessly as it does I couldn’t say – but it does it with undeniable perfection.


A rarity in the Nation's Capital

13/02/2013 by Katey Baddeley

Boffins Restaurant and Bar is a rarity in the Nation’s Capital and a dining experience no-one should miss. Situated in the Cambridge styled wing of University House, it was little wonder I felt like a character of classic literature gazing over the impossibly manicured grounds of lush greenery from my elevated window-side seat.


Toasted pub crunch

06/02/2013 by Katey Baddeley

Based on my expectation-exceeding dining experience this week, there are not enough places around Canberra called “Inns.” Edgars Inn at Ainslie shops could be one of the best kept secrets in the capital – my insincere apologies go out to regulars already in on the act – because this is a place everyone should know about.


Little Espana comes to Canberra

30/01/2013 by Rahima Saikal

If you are a lover of good quality, authentic Spanish food, then Bodega de Pintxos (formerly Lunico) is a must visit destination. Located on Kennedy Street, Bodega de Pintxos is a Spanish tapas restaurant with a modern twist. Spacious and colourful, the interior makes you feel as though you are at a Tapas bar in Barcelona, especially with all the Spanish staff buzzing around you!


Hellenic Club

23/01/2013 by Katey Baddeley

Until I visited the Hellenic Club in the city on Moore Street in Civic last week, I’d yet to form a concrete opinion on clubs. Something I always associated with an older greyer generation and cigarette smoke, I now realise exactly what’s been missing from my social life. Fresh clean decor, comfortable seating, alfresco dining options, big screens showcasing a variety of entertainment on just about every wall, extensive bar, prices so reasonable I almost exclaimed with disbelief and a separate gambling area also makes things conveniently family friendly if necessary.