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May 27, 2016

New Boutique Style at Pot Belly Bar

05/08/2015 by Brian Tam

Recently, Belconnen’s long-standing Pot Belly Bar has been acquired by new owners, and they’re adding a new chapter to the bar’s 40-year history with a fresh focus on craft beer, good food, and exceptional service. After reopening in May, the new Pot Belly has quickly become a ‘go-to’ destination in Belconnen, attracting a wave of locals who have dreamed for years of a venue like this.


Canberra restaurants and bars celebrate at the AHA Awards night

29/07/2015 by OutInCanberra

On Monday night, the bright and beautiful of Canberra’s hospitality industry gathered at the National Convention Centre to celebrate the 2015 Australian Hotels Association Annual Awards. It was a brilliant night, with everyone dressed to the ‘nines’ and ready to celebrate what has been an amazing year for Canberra venues. Plenty of friends of OutInCanberra were recognised for their efforts. Here are just a few of the worthy recipients.


A simple and honest experience at Trevs @ Dickson

28/07/2015 by Brian Tam

Just around the corner from Dickson’s main thoroughfare, Trevs @ Dickson has been consistently providing Canberrans with delicious food and great coffee for the last five years. While the sun’s up, Trevs is a lively café that locals flock to for a wholesome breakfast, quick lunch, or (double) dose of caffeine. As the working day draws to a close, the venue takes on a more intimate vibe, with the warm lighting and flickering of tea lights providing a cosy atmosphere that’s perfect for a glass of wine and good conversation over a casual dinner.


15 Craft Beers To Try in Canberra

28/07/2015 by Brian Tam

Ten years ago, if you had to guess what beers the pub you were about to walk (or stumble) into had on tap, you’d be able to rattle them off faster than Warnie replying to a match on Tinder. It was a time when there were only a few main players in the game, and if you were drinking stout it must have been St Patrick’s Day.


Ten foods you really SHOULD eat

27/07/2015 by Lisa Donaldson

I was flicking through a magazine and then scrolling through social media feeds when I noticed a common theme. So many nutrition sites and diet gurus talking about foods that all of us must avoid before we turn into living, breathing muffin tops and beer guts. I personally believe any food can be included in your diet. The problem is, there seems to be nothing sexy about moderation...right? It got me thinking about creating a list of ten foods we really should eat – because food is pretty fabulous after all!


Canberra's Newest Sweet Spot

22/07/2015 by Carly Devine

Old Parliament House welcomed a new tasty addition this month, The Terrace Café, Canberra’s newest sweet spot in the heart of the city. Enjoy a sumptuous breakfast or lunch with a range of pastry and savoury treats, from elderflower cupcakes, gluten free egg muffins to daily pulled meat, and fresh bread rolls. Chelley Penn, an award winning barista offers guests of the new café a range of unique beverages including matcha green tea lattes, espresso coffee and cocoa & maple milkshake.


A Guide to Comfort Food

21/07/2015 by Maeve Bannister

During winter evenings, the gut reaction of most people is to go full hibernation mode: stay in, rug up, have a Netflix marathon, and only leave the house for absolute necessities. I too am guilty of this type of thinking, but during recent university holidays and copious evening catch-ups with friends, and I realised I had been seriously missing out on some great restaurants offering up delicious food to warm up this winter. So, if you’ve got a bit of cabin fever, or just want to get out and about, here is my guide to comfort food in Canberra:


Where to Eat Gluten-Free in Canberra

21/07/2015 by Sarah Pritchard

The gluten-free people of the capital don’t have it easy. So many fellow Canberrans have to carefully consider what’s in their meal in order to avoid the dreaded gluten. Full disclosure: I have a intense love of bread and no head for gluten hunting, but as I am discovering it’s not just gluten that’s being avoided. Read on!


10 Things to Do this Weekend

17/07/2015 by OutInCanberra

Have you suffered through this week’s chill? The good news is the weekend is looking pretty good, and there is plenty of hot action across the city to get involved in. ___________________ 1. Scandinavian Film Festival at Palace Electric Cinemas Various sessions all weekend Right now, across Scandinavia, it’s delightfully warm. Cosy up with a friend or two in Palace electric and take in some of the amazing films that make up this year’s programme.


Halfway through 2015 - what are the hot food trends?

14/07/2015 by Kate Walker

We’ve seen blackboards chalked with ‘cronuts’, menus emblazoned with ‘quinoa-everything' and afternoon tea seekers fall for the ever-popular ‘bejewelled macaroon’. In 2014, Paleo dishes screamed onto the Canberra scene. From the quiet that I now hear, the hype has calmed right down. We had a surge of molecular gastronomy that drained wallets and left folk feeling just generally hungry; and, still trumpeting on with enthusiasm - the all-hail-kale bandwagon.