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January 31, 2015

Breakfast on the Balcony - Mornings at Ha Ha Bar

15/04/2014 by OutInCanberra

As the last tendrils of fog lift from the surface of Lake Ginninderra, the morning light peeps through the autumnal leaves of the oak trees lining the shore. This is the view that from the balcony that greets breakfast diners at Belconnen’s Ha Ha Bar. A long-time favourite of the Northside, Ha Ha Bar is open from 7.00am (with breakfast from 8.00am commencing 22 April) until late with a fascinating range of dishes to satisfy famished punters no matter what the time of day.


Event Recap: Glass Towers at Transit Bar

15/04/2014 by Jen Taylor

Not even the rain and loss of Daylight Savings kept the dedicated from Transit Bar on Thursday night for the return of Glass Towers after their tour of America. The night opened with The Alternative, who brought quite a large crowd of followers. It was their first foray into the music scene with a drummer, having previously performed as an acoustic duo. They presented some nice acoustic guitar and solid basslines, and their final song (introduced by the lead singer as their personal favourite) was a definite crowd pleaser.


Climbing up into the Treehouse

02/04/2014 by Carly Jade Devine

Northbourne Avenue has been revitalised following the arrival of Treehouse Bar last year. There are so many reasons to play in the Treehouse. Pop in for lunch or after-work drinks from Wednesday onwards, then on weekends take your party up a notch with their signature cocktails and late night menu. The downstairs bar offers a relaxed style with a DJ booth, dance floor and high stools. For a night of indulgence, head to the upstairs bar which has a lounge feel with more cosy seating areas and intimate lighting.


Down by the Water - Boathouse by the Lake


Canberra is a funny place. For a purpose-built city centred on an artificial lake, there is a surprising lack of waterside dining. Fortunately, Boathouse by the Lake comes to the rescue, with one of Canberra’s most beguiling buildings and a sense of history that extends well beyond the forty-year-old lake. It’s a feeling enhanced by old wooden floors that creak as you make your way across the foyer to the dining rooms beyond the central atrium.


It's Back! Taste & Test at Sage

26/03/2014 by OutInCanberra

Late last year, Sage Dining Rooms had an idea perfect for a city that so readily celebrates democracy: letting the people decide what should go on their next menu. It was a brilliant concept that got tongues wagging (and sipping and slurping) and now, thanks to the overwhelming success of people-power, Taste & Test at Sage is back for 2014.


Making Our Way to Mecca Bar

26/03/2014 by OutInCanberra

Take a trip into the Middle East (well, the eastern side of Manuka) and enter the world of Mecca Bah – a Southside favourite that has been entertaining groups large-and-small for over 10 years. If you’re looking to discover the delights of Middle Eastern hospitality, along with all the exotic flavours this ancient culture brings, then there is simply no better place.


A Walk on the Wild Side at The Elk & Pea

21/03/2014 by OutInCanberra

Have you seen the sunflowers on Lonsdale Street, gently waving in the breeze? They’re there - just outside The Elk & Pea Eating House - decorating the tablecloths of the long communal tables that host excited diners under the slowly spinning ceiling fan and bamboo gardens. A delightful menu focuses on flavours from Southern America and Mexico, adding another exotic element to a venue appointed with representations of the animals in its name. Settle in for an adventure though, with a range of fun-filled food that will stimulate your tastebuds, your eyes and your sense of humour.


Parlour Wine Room - A stunning return

18/03/2014 by OutInCanberra

Canberra is in possession of some truly gorgeous Federation buildings, and none more so than those in NewActon, that have emerged following the stunning development that has occurred over the last eight years. Certainly, walking up the stairs that rise from Kendall Lane into Parlour Wine Room, the sense of occasion is lifted through the building’s heritage architecture and its beautifully lit interior. It is a wonderful approach, and one that readies you for a truly elegant and relaxing experience.


The Best of Braddon - Knightsbridge Penthouse

09/03/2014 by OutInCanberra

Walking into Knightsbridge Penthouse, the cocktails-and-good-times standard on Mort Street in Braddon, brings back so many memories of nights with great drinks and random encounters. In a bar that has been dishing out the best of the local cocktail scene for ten years, there’s a wonderful feeling of familiarity for many Canberrans at ‘Knighty’. On a recent visit, we sat down with Bar Manager Josh Nedeljkovic to talk about the philosophy of Knightsbridge Penthouse and what has kept it running so strong for so long.


Rose Cottage - a lovely place for everyone

27/02/2014 by Carly Jade Devine

Pull off the highway and drive over the cattle tracks into the beautiful Rose Cottage establishment for the ultimate relaxing, warm and friendly experience. Once you have walked through the garden paths the first big decision is deciding where to sit. Do you want sun or shade? Do you want to sit in the cool atrium right outside the café or on one of the many decks? Well, wherever you choose, get ready to immerse yourself in the beauty and ultimate serenity of this country setting.