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May 2, 2016

Noodle Fever Hits the Capital

08/03/2016 by Ashleigh Barnes

Enlighten Night Noodle Markets is back for 2016 - and definitely better organised! Set beside the beautiful backdrop of Lake Burley Griffin, the lantern-lit event is a guaranteed hit. This year the event has doubled the size. The layout and much more crowd-friendly and - even when it was busy - you don’t feel like sheep being herded into a pen. With ample tables, plenty of seating and considerably more local and interstate food vendors, this is THE event to visit during the Enlighten Festival.


Your Canberra Day Itinerary

08/03/2016 by OutInCanberra

Every year, on the second Monday of March, Canberrans gather to celebrate the naming of our great city. Happy Canberra Day! Once you’ve woken up and recovered from a night of scoffing the last of the Night Noodle Markets, it’s time to get up and enjoy the best of Canberra. We’ve done the hard yards and put together an itinerary for the day. So, grab some friends and get out there and celebrate our wonderful city! __________________________________________


CBR Life Hacks

08/03/2016 by Alex Dickens

Attention Canberrans… life doesn’t have to be this hard! If your wallet’s looking so sad that the moths won’t even stay in there, let us help you appreciate the stingier things in life. Check out our Canberra Life Hacks and turn that smile up-side-down! Good sourdough just got a little sweeter Do you love sourdough, but hate the price tag? Well after 4:00pm head down to Autolyse on Lonsdale Street in Braddon and pick up your favourite loaf for just a couple of dollars! Food court clear out


WIN: A Double Pass to Flickerfest 2016


Celebrating 25 years of hot shorts, Flickerfest is Australia’s leading short film festival. Flickerfest will be bringing their National Tour to Canberra with an awesome line-up, set to screen on Thursday 17th March 2016 for one night only at the Dendy Cinema! The Best of Australian Shorts will feature at this event, with a fabulous range of shorts from Australia’s hottest filmmaking talent lighting up the screen.


How to make the perfect salad!

08/03/2016 by Lisa Donaldson APD

If the thought of eating a salad makes you turn up your nose and say "rabbit food", it’s time you got creative! A salad that consists of simply iceberg lettuce, tomato and cucumber is not going to win you any new friends, but a salad that is bursting with flavour, colour, lean protein, spices and smart carbs may even lure Homer Simpson to your front door! Here are some tips to make the best salad you’ve ever eaten. __________________________________________ Get Green


Movie Review: How To Be Single

07/03/2016 by Alex Dickens

Sisters are doing it for themselves in the latest rom-com, How To be Single. Producer Drew Barrymore - a veteran of the genre – has assembled all of your favourites. Like dipping in to a box of chocolates, How To Be Single brings together Fifty Shades of Grey star Dakota Johnson, Australian comedian Rebel Wilson, and another funny lady, Leslie Mann.


Must-Hit Happy Hours

07/03/2016 by Olivia Congden

Do you have an afternoon to spare, but are lacking in the cash department? If you’re umm-ing and ahh-ing about where to have that drink, my advice is to let the deal-of-the-hour to choose the venue for you! Read on for our top picks for the best happy hour experiences around Canberra. __________________________________________ Debacle 24 Lonsdale Street Braddon


Interview with Art Vs Science

07/03/2016 by Seth Robinson

Off the Edge of the Earth and Into Forever, Forever, the title of Art vs. Science’s newest album, sounds a little like a challenge. Maybe the boys got together one day and were like, “Let’s see if anyone calls us on this...” Of course, it’s fitting, because the trio’s new contribution to the dance music scene is a sonic adventure, with a clever balance of introspection and humour. Now that they’re out of the studio, Art vs. Science are ready to take the new tunes on the road - including a stop in Canberra!


The Crowne Jewel of Canberra

07/03/2016 by Alex Dickens

Redsalt restaurant is located in the heart of the Crowne Plaza Canberra. With a name that reflects the luxurious maroon that fills the interior of the venue, there’s a sense of anticipation as diners arrive ahead of their dining experience. Embracing the philosophy of wholesome food and locally-sourced produce, Redsalt’s award-winning Head Chef Prasantha Girgama engineers seasonally-inspired menus through these quality ingredients.


Exclusive Look Inside the Ducks Nuts!

04/03/2016 by Nic Crowther

We’ve all heard it before… Visitors to Canberra arrive and scream “Where are all the pubs?!?!” before being calmly told by locals that there are plenty on offer. Fortunately, one of the best spots in Canberra is undergoing a massive renovation. On the inside corner of Woolley Street, Dickson, a new gastropub experience is coming, and it’s the best thing to hit Dickson in over a decade. In fact, it’s the Ducks Nuts!