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December 18, 2014

One On One Interview With The Living End

17/10/2014 by Jen Taylor

Over the last 20 years The Living End has dominated the Australian music scene. They’ve seen and heard it all before, but they’re still doing what they love; touring and making music. The band’s drummer, Andy Strachan, confirms they are still going from strength-to-strength. I loved it when I first joined the band - we were spending so much time over in America on tour. If we weren’t in America, we were in Australia. We were just following the sun – we never saw winter for what seemed like years.


Tasting 101 – A Century and More

15/10/2014 by OutInCanberra

This spring Canberra is the place to be for wine enthusiasts and novices alike, with a jam packed calendar of events kicking off with Tasting 101 on Thursday 23 October. Following the outstanding success of last years 100 Years, 100 Wines, Canberra’s finest wineries are back with Tasting 101 – 101 wines and more at Hotel Realm, Barton. In its second year, this is one of the largest tastings of Canberra District Wines the capital has seen under on roof, showcasing to consumers a taste of what lies beyond the cities boundaries, in their own backyard.


Keeping it Local - Paparazzi @ Garran

14/10/2014 by Yen Vi

In the suburban surrounds of Garran, you will find Paparazzi Café tucked away in the local shops. This cosy café has been running for the last 12 and a half years, serving the surrounding community and building a loyal clientele.


THE JUDGE - Movie Review

14/10/2014 by Sam Tremayne

I'll be honest, the main reason I chose to review The Judge was because the coolest man in the world, Robert Downey Jr, is the protagonist. That was enough of a selling point for me.


Beauty: 4 Steps to Perfect Hair with ghd

13/10/2014 by Jemma Mrdak

For those of you that know me, or know my hair for that matter, you’ll understand how damn hard it can be sometimes to style it correctly. Being blessed with super thick, long and unpredictable locks, it has always been important for me to be able to style my hair correctly. So, it was only fitting that when the opportunity came to trial the new ghd V Coral Bird of Paradise Limited Edition Hair Styler - I jumped at the chance!


HOT OFF THE PRESS: QT & GQ Magazine Partner up for 'GQ Generation'

09/10/2014 by Carly Devine

QT Hotels and Resorts have partnered with GQ Magazine to give Australia’s next generation of creative talent the big industry break they are looking for! QT Canberra invites all local creatives to enter the competition to not only put Canberra on the map as the playground for creative industry movers and shakers in all areas such as design, art and style but to also potentially WIN the opportunity of a lifetime! The Details The GQ Generation campaign is seeking emerging creative players in the fields of photography, styling, graphic design, grooming and writing.


The Canberra Latin Dance Festival starts next week!

08/10/2014 by OutInCanberra

The Canberra Latin Dance Festival starts next Friday, 17 October with a huge weekend scheduled showcasing all your favourite dance styles. Two days and three nights of back to back first class workshops, amazing performances and parties. All held under the one roof at the Australian National University (ANU) Sports and Recreational Centre. There will also be two party rooms, so you can dance all night long after the shows.


Movie Review: GONE GIRL

08/10/2014 by Sam Tremayne

There are a few directors in the modern era that have a certain expectation put to them when they release a film, Christopher Nolan is one example, the other; David Fincher. Non film purists may not have heard of his name, but they surely will have heard of his movies; Seven, Fight Club and the Social Network are a few dot points on a showreel that put Fincher in the highest echelon of the Hollywood Director's category. So going into 'Gone Girl' the pressure was on.


What’s trending for Spring?

07/10/2014 by Christina Roys

Every year we get two legitimate excuses to buy new clothes, they’re called spring/summer and autumn/winter.. but in my book, that’s a painfully low number. So when these seasonal excuses tick round, I’m ready to shop, shop, shop! Before making any rash purchase decisions, let’s take a closer look at the new season trends, because there’s nothing worse than having value closet space taken up by things we’ve decided are ‘not really our style’.


H.I.P Night at Lucky's

07/10/2014 by OutInCanberra

The Hospitality Industry Party Night is launching at Lucky’s thanks to QT Canberra and the Australian Hotels Association on Monday, 13 October 2014 and you’re invited! The launch of H.I.P night means you can indulge in complimentary beverages, entertainment and ‘electric food offerings’. Every Monday night thereafter, you’ll be excited to know that, once again there is a dedicated night to hospitality!