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October 10, 2015

Coffee and sweets out on the Terrace

12/08/2015 by Brian Tam

If you haven’t played host to overseas visitors lately, you might not have thought to visit Old Parliament House for a coffee and a bite to eat. But nestled within our former home of Federal Parliament, the newly refurbished Terrace Café has hit the ‘sweet spot’ with its simple approach and beautiful design.


Flavour and Satisfaction - Essential at Elemental

12/08/2015 by Nic Crowther

Keeping it simple is the underlying philosophy of Elemental Café, the exciting paleo café located on Lonsdale Street in Braddon. With strong focus on paleo eating, the café is here for everyone to enjoy with an amazing menu that brings forward the best flavours of this eating style with the two essential elements of dining: flavour and satisfaction.


Canberra's Most Haunted Spots

11/08/2015 by Kate Walker

We've put together a bunch of haunted places in Canberra so you can either freak your friends out, or you simply never go there, ever! There are seven seas, seven wonders of the world, seven colours in the rainbow, seven dwarves and the world’s favourite number – apparently, seven.


CBR V SYD - Why Canberra is better | Part 2

11/08/2015 by Alexandra Abbott

There's a multitude of perks to living in the Nation’s Capital. We gave you Part 1 and 10 reasons why CBR is better than SYD last month... And now here's Part 2, and 10 more reasons... 11. Location Although Sydney is a coastal city with beautiful beaches, it doesn’t have location down like Canberra does. Canberra within its radius is close to the snow, surf and country living all at once. 12. Hipster vibes


10 Things for the Weekend

06/08/2015 by OutInCanberra

Great news! This weekend looks like it will be a dry one, and we can all get out and take advantage of crisp Canberra days. As usual, Canberra is barely stopping to take a breath, with plenty to see and do across the city. Enjoy! __________________________________________________ 1. #belcorepresent at La De Da Friday from 4.30pm A party inspired by a hash tag (Well done, Tara Cheyne!), the inaugural #BelcoRepresent was one of last years highlights to a dull Canberra winter.


Trend Alert: the 70s are back baby!

06/08/2015 by Styled By Francesca

Every season, we see trends come go. Some we love and embrace. And some, well,we need not comment. But this upcoming Spring/Summer trends, I am super excited about… The 70’s are back baby! You may have noticed that the flares are back in. Well they never really went out for me. So ladies, pull out those vintage denims. Because this trend is going to big.


Provini takes to the stage in Civic

05/08/2015 by OutInCanberra

Canberra has never been short of Italian restaurants. In the heart of the city, La Scala was one of the longest lasting and most-loved. After an amazing 25 year run, the familiar space was taken over by the CoCu Group (consisting of nearby Tuckshop and Shorty’s, among others) to redevelop the space into another Italian restaurant that Canberrans could fall in love with. Welcome to Provini!


Places to eat when you have the munchies

05/08/2015 by Sarah Pritchard

In the Capital, lunch, dinner and are very well catered for, and many places provide breakfast all day. All of this we take for granted, but what about the times in-between? The random times when you want something…else? At any time we can be struck down by the munchies - a singular hunger that doesn't crave a full meal but, whatever it wants, it wants it immediately. Having often been a victim to a sudden strong craving, I have discovered there is an answer to any food desire.


Hoops and everything with Zaac from The Rubens

05/08/2015 by Carly Devine

On Saturday 15 August, The Rubens will make the trip down from Sydney all the way to Thredbo with a few stops on the way, to enthral crowds with their new album ‘Hoops’, which will have just dropped on the 7th of August. From the soulful slow rock ballad Lay it Down to their recent powerful track Hallelujah, the five-piece from Menangle will be providing music-lovers with epic rock anthems and hooks that will stay with them for days. We sat down with lead guitarist Zaac Margin ahead of the road-trip and album tour for a chat;


Elegant or extravagant events at EQ Café & Lounge

05/08/2015 by Brian Tam

The EQ Café & Lounge in Deakin has long been a favourite with locals for their great coffee, range of breakfast and lunch offerings, and enticing house-made pastries. What you might not know is that the EQ Café & Lounge is also a versatile function venue that can cater for a variety of occasions including private parties, group dinners, corporate events and business conferences.