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May 24, 2015

Score A Double Pass to Groovin' The Moo - Winners Announced Next Week!

14/04/2015 by OutInCanberra

Last month the annual Groovin' competition kicked off on Instagram, and it's almost time to crown the WINNER of a double pass to Canberra's ONLY music festival! To Enter: 1. Post an original photo of your BEST FESTIVAL MOMENT! It can be anything from your view in the mosh pit, a favourite band, the new friends you met or the tasty hot dog you ate, YOUR best festival moment along with the reason why! 2. Follow us on Instagram @Out_In_Canberra 3. Mention us in your post (@OutInCanberra) and use the hashtags #outincanberra #GTM2015


Super Best Friends - Live at Transit Bar

13/04/2015 by Jen Taylor

To anyone who thought the Canberra punk scene was dead and gone, Super Best Friends have shown that they are proud to be representing our underground grunge culture in their own special way. They brought a collection of varied heavy bands to Transit Bar to help them launch their debut album Status Updates.


Movie Review - Fast7

13/04/2015 by Sam Tremayne

In 2001, if you had told Vin Diesel that in 14 years that quirky car movie he made about some street racers and stolen DVD players would evolve into a massive franchise, would he have believed you? Would Vin think that movies with plots that entail dragging a stolen safe through the streets of Rio, or literally pulling down a cargo plane during takeoff would be some of the best fun you can have at the cinema?


Keeping Your Bedroom Mojo

13/04/2015 by Lisa Donaldson, APD

Feel a bit risqué writing this article for you all, but your nutrition can influence your libido and sexual function… So let’s just jump right in and talk about sex. Here are some of the questions clients bravely ask me. Are there any foods that are proven to improve sexual function/performance in men? If so, what are they and how does it all work?


MirandaSAKHINO's Global Glamour

10/04/2015 by OutInCanberra

‘Go forth and be beautiful’ is the advice of fashion designer Miranda Seakgosing. Miranda grew up in Botswana with an African mother and a Portuguese father, in a creative family. Her aunty was a tailor, her grandmother a knitwear designer and her mother a fashion collector. So it’s no wonder she was inspired to pursue a passion outside the corporate world. Oh, and did we mention that Miranda herself lives and breathes style? This designer, who runs the independent label MirandaSAKHINO, worked for three years in the world of stats before leaving it for the world of fashion.


5 Things for the Weekend

09/04/2015 by OutInCanberra

Hooray for another short week! Even though we only had to endure the nine-to-five across four days this week, it doesn’t make the weekend any less welcome. Here’s a bunch of ideas that will have you celebrating every sweet moment until Monday rocks around again. Enjoy! 1. Super Best Friends Album Launch at Transit Bar Friday from 8.00pm Canberra music is killing it at the moment. You can barely move without seeing another great collection of talented locals breaking out great tunes.


The 2015 Canberra Wine Region Harvest Festival

09/04/2015 by OutInCanberra

Each year on a weekend in April, the Canberra District Wineries celebrate the harvest with a festival – the Wine Harvest Festival. This year the festival is on the weekend of Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 April.


Canberra's Most Delicious Burgers

09/04/2015 by Sarah Pritchard

Burgers are everywhere, good ones and not so good ones, those with all kinds of sauce and weird combinations of food between two pieces of bread. These delicious treats are are a constant in our world but which ones are the best ones? It was a gruelling task to find out (I know, I know…). Here are the thoroughly-considered results. London Burgers and Beers Queanbeyan, Tuggeranong, Belconnen, Civic (closed due to fire).


Marble & Grain's Seasonal Treats

08/04/2015 by OutInCanberra

Did you notice that the weather has become decidedly cooler? It’s time to pack away the picnic blankets and head for the warmth of the indoors. Fortunately, Marble & Grain in Braddon is the ideal place to hide away from winter’s chills. Since opening in late 2014, the team at Marble & Grain has steadily built to include some of the most experienced cooks in Canberra. The recent arrival of Chef Danny Russo only adds to the expertise in the kitchen, bringing knowledge that can only be gained through working with some of the best restaurants across the world.


The Shopping Assassin's Guide to Hustle & Scout

07/04/2015 by Maeve Bannister

Canberra’s coolest market, Hustle & Scout, will be back on Saturday 11 April, from 2.00pm-7.00pm. Like any good (shopping) assassin it’s best to have a plan in mind. So, I’ve done my research, identified the correct targets and am now ready to go in for the kill. Here are just some of the stalls that I’ll be checking out this year: Acorn Sisters website