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August 1, 2015

Movie - Jurassic World

16/06/2015 by Sam Tremaynesaurus Rex

The people who live in the Jurassic Park universe must have amazing lawyers. Somehow 22 years following the ‘transgressions’ of the first film (and subsequent sequels) somebody still thought it’d be a good idea to let humans and scientifically revived dinosaurs mingle together as one on a Central American island in Central America, despite the previous deaths, destruction and chaos. What could possibly go wrong?


Exploring Our City

16/06/2015 by Kate Walker

Canberrans are a lucky bunch when it comes to wintery weekends. However we choose to spend them, it’s near-guaranteed to be under beaut, blue skies filled with gentle sun. We’re spoilt for choice in all things food, the commute to ‘wherever’ is generally done in under 20, and the only ‘um and ah’ is perhaps in deciding on something new to throw into the weekend mix. Nodding in agreement? – well, give this a crack.


Leggings are not pants!

15/06/2015 by Styled By Francesca

Time and time again, I see ladies wearing leggings as pants. This is a big NO. Sure, they are comfortable and they are easy… but they are NOT pants. There is a time and a place for leggings, like wearing them to the gym. However, there are gym tights designed for this occasion. I know leggings are cheap, but we have such a huge range of gym gear out there for the same price of leggings, why would you? I recently purchased a great pair from Kmart for $15.00.


The 10 Best Warm Desserts

15/06/2015 by Alexandra Abbott

Dessert. Whether you like it at breakfast with your morning coffee, as that chocolate craving you get mid-afternoon or the decadent reward at the end of a hard day. Dessert is what makes each day that little bit sweeter. And with the colder months in full swing, here is a list of where to find the best warm desserts in Canberra for those chillier times! A.Baker


Win tickets to Gold Fields & KLP at Transit Bar

15/06/2015 by OutInCanberra

"Never before have our minds melted so instantaneously at the prospect of two of Australia's leading electronic acts coming together to form one epic night of live brilliance!" Electro-chanteuse KLP alongside kaleidoscopic five-piece GOLD FIELDS as they bring their sunshine flavoured music tour 'Make Me Feel' to Transit Bar this Saturday, 20 June 2015!


Nurturing Friendly Bacteria

15/06/2015 by Lisa Donaldson

‘Friendly bacteria’ sounds like an oxymoron – but the truth is that our body is packed with trillions of friendly bacteria, which are essential for maintaining good health and vitality. To have a thriving population of these good guys, we need to discuss two terms: probiotics and prebiotics. You may have heard these before, but do you know about their differences or the benefits?


5 Things for The Weekend

11/06/2015 by OutInCanberra

Crisp mornings and sunny days across the weekend... perfect! There's plenty happening this weekend, so you've got no excuse to get out and enjoy the many different experiences Canberra has to offer! Enjoy! ___________________ 1. Andy Bull at ANU Bar. Friday at 8.00pm


5 Really Good Reasons to Hate The Crusaders

10/06/2015 by OutInCanberra

Oh, no. Here we go again. The Brumbies are within reach of a finals spot, and all of a sudden their arch-nemesis, The Canterbury Crusaders, loom on the horizon. Forever the Achilles heel of the brave Canberra lads, we’ve come to loathe the ruthless Crusaders over the last 16 years. Here are just a few reasons why. Don't miss out on another epic battle this week! Grab your tickets to Brumbies v Crusaders by clicking here.


Hitting Another High 'C'

10/06/2015 by OutInCanberra

Since opening in 2012, C Dine Bar has provided Canberrans with some of the best meat and seafood in town. In the corresponding years, owners Dan Keogh and Shann Howmann have kept a sharp focus on their food and service, and as such their restaurant has evolved to possess a confident style that is proud to show off the many highlights of their food and beverage offerings.


Entourage: The Movie!

10/06/2015 by Sam Tremayne

It was a show about a movie star living large in LA with his three best mates from New York, and now there’s a movie about literally the same thing. As male answer to Sex and the City, the show never shied away from displaying the gratuitous excess of money and sex in Hollywood. Entourage paints a man-child’s dream of ‘making it’ in LA where it’s all fun, games, premieres and paparazzi.