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April 26, 2015

Miss Top Model Canberra

10/07/2009 by Natalie Tsirimokos

Catch all the action of Miss Top Model Canberra as the girls gear up for the Final heat! Who will it be? Casey, Marie, Karen, Megan, Madeleine, Renee, Lauren, Ashley, Jessica, Haley, Ayris, Kirsty or Emma? Oneluv Entertainment presents a live performance by Faydee featuring his new single 'Drunk (off your love).' DJ G-Wizard will work his magic on the turntables and we could dazzle your eyes with a list of all the big names Wizard has opened for and played their after-parties...Florida, Sean Kingston, G-Unit, Will-I-Am, Craig David, Ice Cube and more.


The Stocktake Sale Survival Guide

01/07/2009 by Natalie Tsirimokos

The recession may mean that pinching pennies is the new black, but if you’re not feeling it – now is the perfect time to shop. End of financial year sales are in swing and the savings are proving to be some of the most dramatic in years. But before you head out to snag a string of bargains, you should be ‘stocktake sale' versed and equipped. 1. Don’t pull a bender


Calling a spade a spade

01/07/2009 by Natalie Tsirimokos

Who is Spader Clothing? Spader Clothing is a new Aussie fashion label, founded by John Ruman, Anthony Withers and Rush in Canberra, 2007. We see ourselves as a premium label with substance - a brand with meaning and a lifestyle people can aspire to. How was Spader born? Spader was born when Rush (one of the directors) returned from America with news that people over there loved the word Spader. We thought we could leverage the word somehow, and clothing was the right commercial choice for us to pursue. Who wears Spader Clothing?


Designer Files: Shakuhachi

03/06/2009 by Natalie Tsirimokos

Like the delicate Shakuhachi flute, which looks like a very simply constructed bamboo instrument, but is painstakingly difficult to learn to play, Jessie White's clothing label of the same name is also deceptively intricate. Having eschewed formal fashion training, her career as a designer was born 8 years ago out of a strong desire to create necessity and instinct. Her designs have since taken off across Australia and Japan, and the current autumn/winter collection is no exception to her winning design approach.


Get the look: Winter's flower child

18/05/2009 by Natalie Tsirimokos

“Florals for spring? Ground breaking.” The sarcastic statement by Devil Wear’s Prada’s 'fictional' Miranda Priestly may be founded, with the traditional look considered passé- but pulling out the floral frocks for winter is far from old. Already spotted on sidewalks and catwalks from here to New York, it’s the must adopt look this winter.


Now Stocking: Wayward Heir

04/05/2009 by Natalie Tsirimokos

John Hanna is now exclusively stocking Wayward Heir. As the name indicates, Wayward Heir is the unruly offspring of an established parent. While a chip off the old block in terms of inheriting some classic DNA (innate style), Wayward Heir is for a younger, renegade, ambitious and savvy man. A man who's cocky yet charming, and who wants to stand out and make his mark. The collection consists of edgy yet refined suiting, shirts and ties and is made from fine Italian cloth and fabrics.


Behind the lace

09/04/2009 by Natalie Tsirimokos

Emma Kneriem has gained massive exposure since launching her kitten concept more than 10 months ago. 11 gorgeous Canberrans turned lingerie model super-stars have been in every stretch limousine drive by, and on every red carpet since the label was launched. Last Tuesday, Meche Nightclub was transformed into a boudoir with Emma’s racy wears on the catwalk, dim lighting and flowing champagne. The hype surrounding the girl’s playful stage personalities and VIP status has turned the spotlight onto the kittens, with the gorgeous designs taking a back seat.


Shoe File: Peep Toe

06/04/2009 by Natalie Tsirimokos

Looking for something hot to slip your winter tootsies into? Peep toe is the buzz shoe label this season, being featured in Shop ‘till you Drop, Cosmopolitan and more, they are now stocked at Canberra's own Momento Dezigns and Soho Dezigns. This season’s range sees sky high heels in, suede, metallics, studs and in the hottest of hues.


Re-Cap: Canberra Centre's Defining Fashion @ Tongue & Groove

24/03/2009 by Natalie Tsirimokos

Canberra's VIP fashionistas filled the city's newest hot-spot, Tongue & Groove for a night of Chandon, canapés and Defining Fashion. Canberra Centre's most prestigious boutiques autumn/winter lines were on display, but this was no run of the mill catwalk event. Models stood tall in 'mannequin' poses on 2ft blocks, occasionally shifting. A totally immersive experience, the public was invited to mingle amongst, in-between and in front of the models, which become the focal points of the evening, in a gallery style set-up.


Danielle's Closet

23/03/2009 by Natalie Tsirimokos

Sybil's Closet was always a unique discovery for Canberrans, synonymous with Melbourne's arcade and back alley boutiques; Sybil's always served a niche. But what happens when Sybil closed her closet? Danielle Neale adopted it of course, re-opening the doors with fresh styles and eclectic new labels; adding her personal spin on what she and Canberrans loved about the boutique. Now named Sybil's closet by Danielle, Danielle offers her share of quirky treats inside.