December 3, 2016

Recap: All Our Friends At Night

by Jessica Willcocks 10 October 2012

The Refectory at UC was turned into nightclub on Friday night for the highly publicised event All Our Friends At Night. Bringing the acts from Parklife to Canberra, CHARLI XCX, RIZZLE KICKS, HERMITUDE, CHIDDY BANG and JACK BEATS rocked the nations capital with PEKING DUK and OFFTAPIA supporting.

Peking Duk played a great set and were a great act to kick start the night as people slowly entered the venue.

Charli XCX was running late but made up for it when she took the stage. Making the inside of the refectory seem like the inside of a festival tent, she danced around while she sung favourite songs such as "Nuclear Seasons" and "You're The One". Screaming "I'm going to dance like you've never seen anyone dance before." The intensity of her set alone was unreal.

Offtapia came on next to entertain the crowd while Rizzle Kicks were setting up and kept the crowd dancing. When Rizzle Kicks came on they completely wowed the crowd, playing songs ranging from the James Bond Theme Song to the Van Halens hit 80s song Jump as well as their own songs. The interesting mix of songs made the set so much more enjoyable because you truly never knew what they were going to start with. They also got the crowd involved in almost every song making the smaller more intimate set seem like you were even closer to the artist. To me they showed their the most in their last song as they continued to rap quicker and quicker ending their amazing set on a high.

Hermitude were up next and continued with another strong set. The boys from the Blue Mountains made it clear they were here to entertain as they smoothly transitioned from one song to another playing songs such as "Get in My Life" and "Speak of the Devil" of their new album HyperParadise.

Chiddy Bang one of the most anticipated acts was on next and they didn't disappoint. The crowd cheered and danced as they began the set with a bang and continued at that level. To have such a great international act playing at UC was awesome and the crowd showed their appreciation by singing along and going crazy on the dance floor. Playing songs from their up coming album Breakfast, as well as other hits such as "Mind Your Manners."

Jack Beats finished up the night on a high making sure that the crowd left the venue buzzing. Although the night was winding down they showed no sign of dropping the energetic atmosphere. They left the crowd wanting more and making sure it was an enjoyable night had by all.

It was a fantastic night especially for Canberrans unable to attend Parklife. To be able to bring such big international acts to Canberra for a side show is amazing feat for Canberra and the music scene and hopefully it'll continue.

Photography by Chris Whitfield

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