October 23, 2014

Israel Cruz @ Academy

by Matt Kempe 4 July 2012

Australia’s own Israel Cruz supported by Gold Coast sister act, The Twins, on their Body Tour sent R&B lovers into frenzy last Friday night. One of Australia’s greatest R&B products beside Australia’s hottest DJ pair graced the Academy stage to produce a passionate and enthusiastic performance.

After many years of heartache and trials, this breakthrough artist had a super 2011 and has paved the way for future Australian R&B artists. Fresh off recent successes in the ARIA charts for his single ‘Party Up’, Israel Cruz’s Body Tour was about thanking the fans that had supported him through the long journey and to assure them the best is yet to come from this internationally signed artist and producer.

The Twins hit the decks and instantly the crowd responded by hitting the dance floor. The smooth dance floor rhythms from the duo lulled the small but diverse crowd into a trance of anticipation. I couldn’t help but be drawn toward the dance floor leaning closer and closer to the pair waiting on every beat they produced with a certain R&B flow in my step.

Just before the anticipation became unbearable Israel Cruz’s entourage rallied the crowd into an arm raising, bouncing state, followed shortly after by the unmistakeable sound of Israel Cruz’s party street anthems that filled Academy’s walls. This drew every last straggler inside the night-club onto the dance floor.

Israel’s raw R&B party anthems had every single body in a smooth free flowing hip hop dance mood that continued throughout his set. Despite a few technical difficulties the professionalism of all on stage shone through and ensured the great atmosphere they had created continued on.

Before long the party was over and Israel had slipped off stage while The Twins kept the dancing going. Upon Leaving Academy, I couldn’t help but reflect on my own goals and the never give up attitude to fight for what you want that Israel Cruz represents, with a certain R&B swagger in my stride of course.

Photography by Robbie Parker

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