Author: Sam Tremayne

Movie Review: The Jungle Book

What a way to transition a classic story from our pasts into the next generation of children. Disney has absolutely smacked this one out of the park – The Jungle Book is touching, entertaining, mesmerising and all-round a pleasant and eye-boggling cinema experience. The lines are blurred between reality and computer effects to the point where I’m convinced the only real thing was star leading man Neel Sithi as Mowgli, who helps bridge the gap with his captivating performance; making it look seamless when we must remember those aren’t actual bears and panthers he’s interacting with, it’d be a guy in a green suit with some nodes on him in a studio. Masterful effects are also a highlight, plus a stellar voice cast comprising of Ben Kingsley, Bill Murray and Idris Alba definitely help bolster an already strong film and make their respective animals look and feel alive. The textures of the jungle, hairs on the animals, their movements, the weather affects, light particles… I could go on all day – Jon Favreau take a bow mate, this is a modern day kids classic. The story sees Mowgli, a child raised in the jungle by wolves coming under threat from the vicious Shere Khan, a tiger with a score to settle with humans. In order to spare the lives of the animals he loves, Mowgli leaves the pack with...

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Movie Review: London has Fallen

Once again Hollywood has taken to a reboot, an adaptation or, in this case, a sequel for an easy cash grab. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you London has Fallen – an unnecessary sequel to the unnecessary original, Olympus Has Fallen, that has apparently established a movie franchise. The original, was Die Hard in the White House and a grittier, more adult version of White House Down. Now, the cast (featuring Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart and Morgan Freeman) return for an even more far-fetched, over-the-top action thriller where a lone American must save the day. As you might...

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There are a lot of spy comedies that have come out recently. In fact you could spend hours lounging around catching the most recent; ‘Kingsmen,’ ‘The man from U.N.C.L.E’ and ‘Spy,’ but none have the right air of vulgar shocking-ness like that of the work of Sacha Baron Cohen. Most famously known as Borat and Bruno – Cohen proves in his most recent film ‘Grimsby,’ that he still wears the crown of politically incorrect humour. Cohen is a brilliant character actor, and having studied clowning in the past, knows how to push the limits; not only crossing the line...

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Movie Review: How to be Single

Sister’s are doing it for themselves, in rom-com How to be Single. Produced by Drew Barrymore this film has all of your favourites including main character and Fifty Shades of Grey star Dakota Johnson, Australian comedian Rebel Wilson, and Leslie Mann. Dakota Johnson plays Alice, a young woman who has been with the same guy through college but now wants a break to find herself and experience what it’s like to be single in New York City. At her first real job as a law clerk, Alice meets a live-wire called Robyn (Rebel Wilson) who has ‘being single’ nailed...

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Movie Review: Hail Caesar

After all the glitz and glamour of Oscars, and last week’s delve into the dark times 1950s through our review of Trumbo, the Coen Brothers’ Hail Caesar is another examination of the Hollywood machine, but one that takes aim toward the farcical side of the industry’s ‘Golden Years’.

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