The Southside Village Caravan Park has always been some what of a centre for its community. That focus has been renewed by the relaunch of the Monaro Tavern & Brasserie with a fresh look, brand-new kitchen facilities, passionate staff and some really tasty dishes. With owner and General Manager Sophie Martin at the helm, the venue is looking better than ever.

“When we took over we did a full re-vamp with a friendly atmosphere that welcomes families and locals for lunch and dinner,” says Sophie.

“So far we have had really great feedback from regulars who have seen the venue throughout its lifetime – it’s a nice inviting change, with some really tasty food!”

Looking through the menu it’s easy to see that the team have strived for a fresh take on classic pub food.

“At the moment we have a lot of tradies coming in for dinner who love their schnitzels and steaks, so we’re definitely keeping those on the menu – some of the guys would eat steak seven-days a week if they could!”

On our visit to Monaro, it was easy to see that both the customers and the staff had influenced the dishes that had been added to the menu. This was particularly the case with the Picanha.

The Picanha cut of steak is an addition to the menu from the tavern’s passionate chef, who comes from a Brazilian background. This is a different cut to your traditional Australian steak – The Picanha is cut with the grain, above the rump for the juiciest piece of meat, and the flavour is heightened by keeping a strip of fat along the edge. With an accompanying green salad that is dressed with a creamy miso and ginger vinaigrette and a side of crispy fries, this dish is simple and delicious!

Moving on to another pub favourite, we were presented with a classic Chicken Parmy. This is enough to fill the toughest of men, but is delicious enough to keep you wanting more! The crispy schnitzel is topped with a generous lashing of a house-made tomato sauce, ham and oozing melted cheese. Mix this with a delicious slaw, finger-lickin’ miso and ginger vinaigrette and a side of chips, and this dish will keep you coming back time and time again.

For something a little lighter, you must try the Traditional Caesar salad with chicken. Although the chicken is an add-on, it is a must for the full caesar experience. This bowl not only looks beautiful but is a fantastic play on textures. From the warm, crispy slices of crumbed chicken and the fresh crunch of the cos lettuce, to the smooth creamy texture of the mayonnaise and boiled eggs, this is a tasty play on an Australian favourite. For the complete experience, try stacking each element onto one of the large croutons

When you generally order the classic Spaghetti and Meatballs you might expect two or three meatballs to come stacked in the centre of the plate – but not at the Monaro. Here,  there are ten delicious homemade meatballs piled on top of the pasta. This is a feast for the eyes and believe me it took every ounce of strength not to jump into the bowl head first! Complete with a simple, delicious tomato sauce with distinct notes of basil and garlic, this dish complete with comforting and homely flavours, making it a house specialty!

The Monaro Tavern and Brasserie is not only a great place to go for dinner but also an inviting venue to come for a couple of drinks and snacks with friends. The outdoor area, complete with wine barrels as tables, is a great place to sit, drink and share some Chicken Wings, covered in a spicy glaze or a selection of the house tacos. On our visit, we also sampled the Slow-cooked Beef Taco. With a house-made corn tortilla, juicy slow-cooked beef, creamy avocado and a tangy onion pickle – this one was certainly a favourite.

Open for lunch and dinner seven days a week, any time is the perfect time to check out the new and improved Monaro Tavern and Brasserie.

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