Ever contemplated doing a dry July but then imagined a whole month without a glass of wine, a cold beer or a refreshing cocktail? The restraint to not have a drink when out with family or friends can be the biggest self-battle. Many bars and restaurants recognise this and lucky for you the alcohol detox can be made easier with specially made mocktail menus. They may contain no alcohol but we assure you they are still full of flavour and the best part is you can sip on them all night and you will wake up the next day without the splitting headache.


 Dishing up Lao-Thai street food and refreshing drinks, Zaab in Braddon is the place to find a fruity and refreshing non-alcoholic drink. Offering two mocktails, lychee & cucumber fizz and grapefruit & basil sour, they are made to go perfectly with the food menu. Bringing tradition to their menu they also offer a Thai lemon iced tea.


The team at restaurant Pilot at Ainslie shops are taking their drinks menu to the next level with their experimental non-alcoholic drink pairing menu. Think iced tea made from black tea, balsamic vinegar, ginger beer, soda and lime matched with pork and pepita, and a special ginger beer matched with prawn and corn. The flavours are unusual and complex but are perfectly suited for the food.

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our non alcoholic pairing ft. wattle seed cola, fennel + lime soda, strawberry gum tonic + apple tea. #nolo #pilotresto

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Be responsible and have a drink with friends with zero alcohol at new Italian Wine Bar & Deli, Amici (yes even a wine bar can have non-alcoholic drinks). Try their two mocktails, including one with rectified grapefruit citrus, smoked tea and San Pellegrino Lemonata.


Listing their non-alcoholic drinks as ‘Akipops’, Akiba in the city caters for everyone’s drink desire. Choose from three bottled drinks, including mandarin, orange & passionfruit and their two iced teas. You don’t have to miss out on sipping on something yummy at this restaurant!


Making it easier to go non-alcoholic Eightysix in Braddon has two fruity sodas, elderflower & passionfruit and spiced rhubarb & rosemary. Have your chance to eat and drink something delicious with no alcohol.

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Strawpedo. Strawberry and vanilla. #drinkcanberra #visitcanberra #eightysix

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Tipsy Bull

Make it Mocktail hour at Tipsy Bull in Braddon. Try their Foxtail: pineapple, ginger and mint mocktail and their Tomasina: strawberry, raspberry, pineapple juice and lime. You may not be tipsy when you leave but we assure you you’ll have the same buzz feeling.


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Put your trust in us when choosing your next drink. Ask one of our staff what they recommend, you won’t be sorry! 📷@bitzercbr

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