You may have tried a few food trends in your lifetime, but it’s very likely you haven’t tried a diet which keeps your body functioning at full throttle. Bitten Goodfoods presents Bitten X Futurefoods in partnership with Temporada on Thursday 24 October, which entertains food trends of the future.  Not that we needed another reason to drink cocktails, but what if your cocktail at the end of a working day could balance your adrenals and eliminate stress? What if that kick from your morning coffee could last longer? Or you could enhance how switched on your brain was? Well, you can.

Allow renowned Temporada chef, Dave Young, to be your apothecary as he creates a roaming degustation of superfood ingredients from the Bitten Grocer, and inspires you to adapt your home cooking and reap these benefits all the time. Ravensworth are on board for the night to keep you wine glass filled, and Wild Polly are showcasing their gluten free beer. ATP Science have also partnered with the event, you’ll find their popular Gut Right worked into one of the dishes.

Bitten x Futurefoods puts a microscope on the superpowers of certain foods, which hold the power to change the way we function on a day-to-day. Foods that help you to gain control of your body. It’s a mix of the cutting edge science behind specific foods – eating as if we’d returned from the future – eating to unlock our potential – but consuming mindfully for the environment.

This unparalleled culinary experience is promising all your encounters with the ingredients on show will be lifechanging for their function and for their flavour.

Ingredients in focus:

Modbiotics – the new frontier in gut health

Adaptogens –– the superhero of superfoods, herbs and mushrooms to help the body resist stressors.

Hemp – superior for its anti-inflammatory properties and incredible sustainability benefits

MCT’s – access all areas of your brain’s potential

Tickets are $120 pp, bookings are essential via Eventbrite.
All food and drinks included, plus a take home goodie bag worth over $60.

EVENT SPONSORS: Hemple, Melrose, Life Cykel, Teelixir, E3 Live, Ravensworth, Wild Polly