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Gerard is the yin to Tracey’s yang, both professionally and personally. In his spare time you can find him with family and friends, probably with a drink in hand (a margarita or vino) or at the NGA. Tracey on the other hand laughs at the idea of spare time…there is no rest for #mumtaxi’s. The duo have had varied experiences working in fashion yet their expertise and personality complement each other flawlessly. Irrespective of their commitments and journey they have found a common space on G&T Time to elevate local style with compelling conversations.

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Ep.13 G&T Time

With summer holidays just around the corner, the excitement of getting away can mean we tend to over pack. G&T give us their tips on how they’ve learned to pack the perfect wardrobe for any type of getaway.

Ep.12 G&T Time

This week we get it down to a tee. An effortless wardrobe staple G&T are extremely fond of. Don’t expect boring or predictable, the duo make this basic a point of interest.

Ep.11 G&T Time

For those nine to fivers, switch up your office attire and alternate your standard suit look. Make it more casual and mix and match with a white sneaker, a pair of dark denim jeans or a sweater. Investing in great essential items is key!

Ep.10 G&T Time

G&T are back to support your post-lockdown fashion. Are you someone who relished in online shopping and have an outfit planned for every occasion until Christmas?…Or did you find yourself on the other end of the spectrum – in a sweat pant style rut?

Ep.9 G&T Time

The trench is a transeasonal piece and can either be layered as warm as a puffer jacket or wears well as an easy throw over for those in-between and unpredictable days. It can pull you in at the waist, line a slouchy look or build on any bland outfit

Ep.8 G&T Time

Start unpacking any colour family you find in your wardrobe as G&T lay down the laws of tonal dressing. While all-black is the simplest execution, if you want to flex your outfit, go bold in head-to-toe tones. You’ll be mastering monochrome in no time.

Ep.7 G&T Time

Whatever the season, whatever your vibe the common denominator across most wardrobes is denim. G&T decode denim for us so that shopping for the item no longer needs to be emotional. While modern, fresh or fad styles beg for your attention, denim stands the test of time and therefore the ‘right fit’ is what we should be welcoming into our wardrobes.

Ep.6 G&T Time

G&T tackle the seriously frightening and hard to execute style of clashing prints. Playing with patterns is an art form, it requires balance and courage. Tracey offers practical tips to achieve the look effortlessly and as always the duo make it look easy. Clash a little or clash a lot, once you get it right the trend is the perfect way to perk up your look.

Ep.5 G&T Time

The blazer has firmly cemented a place in our capsule wardrobe. From traditionally tailored cuts, to passe styles that eventually make their way back around to trend items; the blazer exudes many personalities to make a polished and bold statement. Take it work, drape it, belt it or elevate a casual jean and tee look - the possibilities are endless.

Ep.4 G&T Time

A style uniform is reflective of your personality and is an efficient and affordable way to simplify your wardrobe. Think of it as a few key go-to pieces that all work in conjunction or in substitute of one another. In this episode G&T share the formula to finding your very own uniform.

Ep.3 G&T Time

Layers are a simple tool to elevate your style. Show off a piece of your personality with each item you add to your look. Practical for all seasons but especially the Canberra winter, G&T share how to layer effortlessly.

Ep.2 G&T Time

The white shirt has long been an indispensable piece of any well-rounded wardrobe. G&T love it for many reasons, but mostly for its versatility. This episode celebrates how this singular item of apparel can take on many personalities.

Ep.1 G&T Time

We take a deep dive into the careers and weekends of Gerard and Tracey, their approach to fashion and uncover what they love about each other’s attitude towards style.

Meet G&T

It’s time for Gerard and Tracey introductions before we dive into episode 1. Get to know the duo and fall in love with them as fast as we did.