Ruchi Belconnen

Ruchi is where taste meets tradition.

The four Southern States – Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh make up the region popularly known as South India.

The cuisine of South India is much like its culture: all subtle flavours and delicate aromas that tease the tongue not overwhelm it.

The use of rice and lentils, and the blending of fresh spices and herbs provide the distinctive flavours and aroma of South Indian cuisine. Rice, in a variety of forms is used in dishes ranging from appetizers to main courses to desserts.

Ruchi, meaning 'taste' is a sincere effort to bring to you the variety of tastes from India– especially South India. Their speciality is the 'dosais' and 'thalis.'

The talented chefs from South India have introduced an extensive range of variations.

A popular favourite with locals and tourists alike, Ruchi is constantly buzzing with the bustle of diners, families and friends.

Ruchi is Canbrerra's only South Indian restaurant and will have you returning again and again for their traditional and unique delights. Make your reservation today.

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