Knightsbridge Penthouse

Knightsbridge Penthouse is one of those venues that has managed to graduate from ‘new kid on the block’ to ‘reliable regular’ all the way through to becoming ‘an institution’. That’s right – a bloody institution, where the floorboards creak with the history of thousands and thousands of Canberrans that have made their way through the doors over the previous decade.

Everyone has a favourite spot at ‘Knighty’. Be it perched at the imposing stainless steel bar, or up on stage around the rocky hewn-log table (that has its way with equally unsteady patrons as the evening rolls on), every position affords a great view of the bar and its friendly clientele.

Certainly, that friendliness is one of the highlights of this Mort Street mecca - there’s never any trouble. The customer next to you in the queue to the bar will probably let you in front, while people will happily shuffle across the benches and long chairs to let you squeeze in ‘just one more’ guest.

At the bar, the focus is on simplicity, with none of the overwhelmingly complex cocktail menus that read more like telephone books. Instead, chat with your bartender and see what flavours are tickling their tonsils this week and they will happily take you on your own trip to flavour country.

There’s plenty on to entertain you at Knightsbridge, with trivia nights and whiskey tastings during the week, and some of the best local DJs plying their trade on the weekends. However, there’s no need to wait, just rock on in and find your own spot to hang out. Chances are you’ll see us there as well!

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