Bollywood Masala Dickson

Bar, Indian, Dining Venues,

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Jamie's Italian

The ‘Jamie’ in Jamie’s Italian is the “Naked Chef” himself Jamie Oliver, British chef extraordinaire, restaurateur and media personality. Jamie says he should have been Italian as he totally admires the Italian lifestyl...
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Cholo's Restaurant

Cholo’s in Dickson achieves something that few other restaurants in Canberra manage to do. They provide delicious food that showcases a culture in a space that makes you feel as though you are dining at a family table rather tha...
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It is easy to find an Italian restaurant, but discovering a good Italian restaurant is harder to come by. Tucked cosily in the warren of New Acton, Bicicletta is an Italian trattoria whose ethos is as patriotic as a margherita pi...
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