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December 19, 2014

HAUS Model Casting for CIT Fashion

10/09/2014 by OutInCanberra

Have what it takes to strut your stuff on the runway? The next generation of designers, soon to graduate from CIT in fashion design, are looking for models to debut their launching collections. You’ll get high-quality photos for your portfolio and two free workshops by Canberra’s HAUS Models. The model casting takes place at Canberra Outlet Centre, 19 September. Pre-register:


It's a STYLE OASIS at The Canberra Centre

08/09/2014 by Carly Devine

The Canberra Centre has turned into a STYLE OASIS ready for you to discover the Spring Summer 2014 trends through a series of fashion events starting from this weekend. Fashion on Show During our weekend fashion events, Canberra Centre’s Guardians of Style will showcase the latest trends from Australian and international fashion brands. When: Friday 19 September 12noon, 1pm, 2pm, 5pm, 6pm and 7pm Saturday 20 September 12noon, 1pm and 2pm Sunday 21 September 12noon, 1pm and 2pm Location: Canberra Centre, Level 1


The Canberra Outlet Centre's Spring Giveaway Winner Announced!

02/09/2014 by OutInCanberra

Congratulations to REBECCA KOSTAVA who has won the Canberra Outlet Centre Spring Giveaway! "This is my favorite dress as it was the first dress of it's size that I bought as I was losing weight. Now after losing almost 45kgs it, like most of my wardrobe, is too big for me and I could really do with new clothes." Click here to see Rebecca's entry on Facebook.


What to Wear on a First Date

31/08/2014 by Maeve Bannister

For me, the hardest part about going out is deciding what to wear. It’s a challenge that becomes a million times more difficult when going out on a date. My mind goes into overdrive and, even if I know where I’m going, I always second guess myself as I try to figure out whether or not I’m underdressed (bad) or overdressed (worse).


Trend Report: Pastels

28/08/2014 by Jemma Mrdak

If you’ve been keeping a close eye on the International and Australian runways, and not on your wallet, then you’ll notice a BIG trend that has hit our stores and wardrobes all of a sudden. This trend is all about pastels: pastel dresses, pastel skirts, and heck, even pastel accessories. Be warned though, this trend is trending fast, and its one that you certainly need to embrace.


Four Guys Taking Over Style On Instagram

27/08/2014 by Carly Devine

Here's my pick of the most stylish guys on Instagram right now. Follow them for constant fashion news, street-style looks, 'selfies', behind-the-scenes snaps and lot's more! 1. @jayaziz


Department of Deportment - When Can We Be 'Out' on Facebook?

24/08/2014 by Department of Deportment

Dear DoD, I’ve been seeing my current man, ‘Steve’, for about eight weeks. We have a great time and stay at each other’s place a couple of nights a week. My issue is that while we’re ‘friends’ on Facebook, he still hasn’t asked if we should change our status to ‘In a Relationship’. Am I being unreasonable? If so, can you please tell me what is an appropriate time to wait for us to be ‘out’ on Social Media? Miss Zuckerberg ________________________________________________________________________________ Dear Miss Z.


6 Spring Wardrobe Essentials

15/08/2014 by Jemma Mrdak

Have you noticed that Canberra days are becoming slightly warmer (or is it just me)? Either way, Spring certainly is on its way, and it is most definitely my favourite time of the year. Not only are beautiful flowers in full bloom, and the air noticeably warmer; but Spring fashion is also simply glorious! The warmer months can quickly catch up to us, so in order to avoid being the only one left wearing thick turtle necks and thermals, I have gathered 6 Spring Wardrobe Essentials that YOU need to immediately add to your wardrobe.


Help! I Hate My Man's Beard!

14/08/2014 by Department of Deportment

Dear Department of Deportment, My boyfriend is 25 years old and has grown himself a beard and, well… I really hate it. The problem is that he’s really proud of his flourishing follicles, and insists on telling everyone within earshot about every little detail of his beard as though it’s his first-born child. How can I convince him that being fashion-forward is not the ‘way forward’ for our relationship? Many thanks, Miss Gillette ____________________________________________________________ Dear Miss G,


Canberra Outlet Centre Spring Giveaway

12/08/2014 by OutInCanberra

Have a look in your wardrobe. Go on! What’s the one item of clothing you love? The one thing that is threadbare, worn out and not really suited to leaving the house? Well, here’s your chance to show us this much-loved piece of clothing or accessory in an attempt to win yourself a whole new Spring Wardrobe from the Canberra Outlet Centre. It’s easy - all you need to do is the following: 1. Find a worn-out (but much-loved) item from your wardrobe. 2. Take a ‘selfie’ while wearing it.