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August 24, 2016

SS15 fashion workshop with Tash & Elle from They All Hate Us

08/09/2015 by Carly Devine

The blog, They All Hate Us was born from a shared love of all things fashion, lifestyle and inspirations between two best friends – Tash Sefton and Elle Ferguson. They've since become widely popular for their individual and familiar style and have over 155k loyal followers on Instagram. We caught up with the stylish duo from Sydney ahead of their fashion workshop alongside Luc Wiesman at Canberra Centre.


Funky Father's Fashion

01/09/2015 by Styled By Francesca

If there is one thing I remember as a child, is how well my Grandad use to dress. He was such a dapper man with his tailored suits, crisp shirts, slimline ties, braces, designer sunglasses and polished shoes. There really was no better dressed man (well, in my eyes anyway!). The great news is that the dapper man is back! This season we are seeing the comeback of the tailored pleat pants and the double-breasted jacket. Anything from bold prints and stripes. This season is seeing the comeback of the 60’s man with a modern twist.


Fancy food and fashion at Hustle&Scout

26/08/2015 by Carly Devine

Continuing on an upward spiral of fancy food and fashion, Hustle&Scout and The Forage will present its largest line-up of vendors to date at their Spring Twilight edition of what has also become one of Canberra's favourite events.


Trend: Clashing it.

18/08/2015 by Styled By Francesca

I can’t even begin to tell you, how much I love to clash print. It’s one of my favorite ways to dress. It’s very bold and out there, but if you do it right. It can look amazing. This coming spring/summer clash print is really making a statement in the world of fashion. It’s definitely not for everyone. But for those that love it and are not sure on how exactly to pull it all together, I've put together a little guide.


Trend Alert: the 70s are back baby!

06/08/2015 by Styled By Francesca

Every season, we see trends come go. Some we love and embrace. And some, well,we need not comment. But this upcoming Spring/Summer trends, I am super excited about… The 70’s are back baby! You may have noticed that the flares are back in. Well they never really went out for me. So ladies, pull out those vintage denims. Because this trend is going to big.


How To Dress Like A Trendy Mummy

08/07/2015 by Styled By Francesca

As a Mother myself, I know how busy it can get. Everything takes priority and you’re on the bottom of that list. Despite how easy it is to run out of the door, with your slippers and Pajamas to do the school drop off. Whether you’re off to work or you work all day at home. Here are some tips to make it easier.


What does your shoe choice say about you?

01/07/2015 by Styled By Francesca

Ok, I am a self-confessed shoeaholic. But there is some truth to my madness.


Stepping Up: Australian Ceramics Triennale 2015

30/06/2015 by OutInCanberra

Canberra will be struck with ceramics fever in July, with the arrival of artists from across Australia and around the world converging on the capital. Stepping Up , the 14th Australian Ceramics Triennale, will see the capital flooded with 35 free exhibitions from 9 to 11 July, held at various locations throughout the city and surrounding region for the public to enjoy.


All Gloved Up For Winter

23/06/2015 by Janette Lenk

I love wearing gloves. In fact, when I drive I wear gloves - 'driving gloves’. Who would of thought that you would have to carefully consider what style and fabric to get? Who am I kidding? Just collect them all! You can’t go past a pair of leather gloves. You will never be disappointed and they will last you a lifetime if you take care of them. The styles that we have our hand in are: 1. Leather 2. Biker (Low cut out) 3. Fingerless 4. Knitted 5. Fabric


Leggings are not pants!

15/06/2015 by Styled By Francesca

Time and time again, I see ladies wearing leggings as pants. This is a big NO. Sure, they are comfortable and they are easy… but they are NOT pants. There is a time and a place for leggings, like wearing them to the gym. However, there are gym tights designed for this occasion. I know leggings are cheap, but we have such a huge range of gym gear out there for the same price of leggings, why would you? I recently purchased a great pair from Kmart for $15.00.