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April 18, 2015

Get The Look - Evening Chic

27/01/2015 by Carly Jade Devine

Have you got a glam party coming up? Whether it's your birthday, an evening of cocktails with the girls, an engagement party or fancy ball.. we have sourced the perfect look from boutiques right here in Canberra! 1. The Dress Keepsake 'End of Time' dress - $159.95 from mussen This dress has a fun pattern which is flattering for all body shapes. White is a gorgeous colour for any complexion and the marbled grey gives it a statement. The End of Time dress features a high neck, mid length skirt, a slight split at the front and an open back. 2. The Shoes


FASHFEST model casting is just around the corner. Have you got what it takes?

26/01/2015 by Carly Jade Devine

Have what it takes to strut your stuff on the runway of Canberra’s largest fashion event? FASHFEST is looking for male and female models to attend the open casting call for the annual four-day event. The casting will be held at the National Convention Centre on 1 February


Australia Day Style Edit - Four Essentials

20/01/2015 by Carly Jade Devine

Only a couple more days until the Australia Day Long Weekend kicks off! And we bet you have a host of events and activities planned. Whether you are going to park yourself at the beach for a day, host an old fashioned Aussie BBQ or head down to your local watering hole to celebrate with friends and family — looking great for this nation-wide celebration is essential! Here are four essentials to create the perfect Aussie Day outfit: 1. Sass & Bide - Things To Do In The South Knitted Tank


Q&A with Nik Bulum - Designer and Retailer

14/01/2015 by OutInCanberra

It’s almost three years since we caught up with Nik Bulum. Imagine that! Back in those days, Braddon was relatively serene. Since then, Lonsdale Street Traders has come and gone, a slew of bars and restaurants have appeared, and the scene just keeps growing and growing… So, what does Braddon’s gourmet developer and retailer think about his favourite suburb, as well as Canberra as a whole? Urban renewal is a delicate process. What approach does your company, B&T Constructions, take to designing new social spaces?


5 Style Resolutions for 2015

05/01/2015 by Carly Jade Devine

New Year’s resolutions are generally the same all round: Exercise more, be healthier and lose those Chrissy kilos. Am I right? Since there is no avoiding feeling all ‘New Year, New Me’, here are my tips to kick-start a refreshing change and update to your personal style. I’ve called them Style Resolutions… perhaps a whole lot easier to stick to and it’s something that can be done overnight! 1. First things first, clean out your wardrobe.


Six Day Spas to Really Pamper Yourself

02/01/2015 by Sarah Pritchard

How do you like to relax? I usually find that a big mug of tea and a good book does the trick. But sometimes, especially during one of the busiest times of year, tea doesn’t quite cut it in the quest for a bit of R&R. That’s when you know it’s time to pamper yourself, so here are six day spas you should definitely try: Canberra Day Spa Garema Place, Canberra City


7 Beach Bag Essentials

24/12/2014 by The Fashion Vault

Going to the beach? Don’t forget these 7 essential items, because we want to make sure you are set for your beach vay-cay. 1. Sunscreen with a high SPF (30+) 2. Wide brimmed hat, straw of course1 3. Stylish sunnies 4. Beach throw dress 5. Crop tops 6. Book 7. Lip Chalk Wear sunscreen! That’s the only way you can guarantee comfort all summer long. Protect yourself from the harmful UV rays, and don’t be fooled by overcast weather because the sun will still get you and you’ll be sorry. Ouch!


Holiday Style Must-Haves

16/12/2014 by Carly Jade Devine

Luckily for us, it's always warm when we finally get to break for holidays - unless, you're jetting of to Europe for a White Christmas in minus temps! If you're staying Down Under, click away now, because WE... are in love with Summer. Our must-have guide is all about being comfortable while soaking up that December/January sun! I must say, I have now mastered the art of packing light, but it did take years of practice. There were many 'What to Pack' and 'What Not to Pack' lists, and plenty of 'DO NOT PACK EVER AGAIN!' mental notes.


5 Things to Do this Weekend

12/12/2014 by OutInCanberra

For a lot of people, this is the last weekend of the working year. If you're one of the lucky ones, be sure to keep yourself entertained with a stack of stuff on offer over the coming days. Enjoy! 1. James Turrell at National Gallery of Australia All weekend. It’s art, but not as you know it. While recent blockbusters at the NGA have looked to classic landscapes and South American antiquities, bringing the contemporary works of James Turrell is a wonderful curtain-call for recently-retired Director, Ron Radford.


Christmas at Canberra Centre

09/12/2014 by OutInCanberra

Canberra Centre isn’t just the best place to get all your Christmas shopping done – the friendly team is here to ensure your Christmas runs a smoothly as possible. Regardless whether you’re a Shopping Assassin with an eye for a bargain and a carefully constructed plan, or a Casual Browser out looking for inspiration, Canberra Centre is here to help. Simply place yourselves in their hands or take advantage of the specialist assistance available. Professional Gift Wrapping – from 11 December