September 3, 2015

Q&A: Gil Miller

by Rahima Saikal 11 July 2012

We had a chat with Gil from The George Harcourt Inn at Gold Creek and found out his favourite spots in Canberra and what he would be doing if he wasn't at The George.

How long have you owned The George Harcourt Inn for?

6 years in September. But I should set the record straight. My wife, Colleen, is actually one of four owners and I’m the publican.

What do you love about Canberra?

That is difficult because there are SO many things to love about Canberra: the seasons, the amenities, the open air, the bush between suburbs. Hot air balloons filling the skys, classical music in the forest and rock on the Foreshore, fabulous people and so many cultural experiences.

Why do you love the hospitality industry?

In hospitality, you have the chance to WOW people. To give them something they don’t expect and provide them with food and service that they want to tell others about. But overall, it’s about making people happy and the rewards that come from knowing that you’re providing a service that’s appreciated.

Where is your favourite place (besides The George) to go out and enjoy a Sunday morning brunch in Canberra?

Once again – that is DIFFICULT. MY favourite place????? Probably a picnic at Regatta Point overlooking the lake and watching the joggers making me feel guilty!!

If you weren’t a restaurant owner, what would you be doing?

I’d be working with MusicACT to bring more music to the nation’s capital. Come to think of it, I’m living the dream. More and more, we seem to be legislating AGAINST music instead of creating rules to protect it. Everyone loves music in one form or another and often it’s not until we hear something that really touches our soul that reminds us how important music is in our lives. I believe that the promotion of music in our lives is a noble cause and one that we should all take up or, at the very least, support.

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